Francis Bourgeois’ girlfriend: who is TikToks train enthusiast dating?

Has the TikTok trainspotter found love?

Francis Bourgeois girlfriend

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TikTok superstar Francis Bourgeois is known for his love of trains, but it turns out he's a multifaceted guy because as well as his passion for trains and modeling for Gucci the influencer has also found love.

Yep, you heard us right. Francis has a girlfriend. Rumours first started circulating when a mystery girl was spotted in some of his TikToks and they've since been confirmed with Francis actually referring to the mystery lady as his girlfriend.

With the news fans were DISTRAUGHT and we can see why. Francis is probably one of the most loved people in the country at the moment, maybe even overtaking David Attenborough.

Things seem pretty serious between the pair too because they recently went official on the red carpet at the NME Awards - making it clear that they do not intend on keeping their relationship a secret.

Francis Bourgeois and Amy Linkin at the NME Awards
Francis Bourgeois and Amy Linkin at the NME Awards ©Getty Images

Francis recently took his girlfriend on a romantic date on the UK's most luxurious train, courtesy of Joe Jonas - talk about an unexpected bromance.

During the date they ate some boujee food including cherry wine and Caviar.

Francis then posted a follow up video of the two of them riding back to London where they drank champagne - honesty, talk about a dream date.

With Francis's girlfriend now a big part of his videos you may have found yourself wanting to know a bit more about her. Well luckily for you we've compiled a list of everything we know about her...

Who is Francis Bourgeois' girlfriend?

Francis is dating Amy Linkin. According to her Instagram she is a student, studying communication with business studies at the University of Brighton.

Francis Bourgeois and Amy Linkin
Francis Bourgeois and Amy Linkin together ©Getty Images

How old is Amy Linkin?

As with many details about Amy we don't actually know her age.

When did Amy and Francis first start dating?

It is unclear exactly when Amy and Francis started dating but he did confirm their relationship on 12 December 2021 when he posted a TikTok and referred to Amy as his girlfriend.

In the video Francis documents a date with Amy and of course, their date is on a train ride to Lincoln. The couple were treated to a lavish date with jam and toast and even English breakfast.

They then went to a cat cafe where they played with cats and drank coffee.

Predictably upon hearing Francis is off the market, his fans went wild and they were quick to voice their immense disappointment

One distraught fan wrote, "gf?? My heart is broken".

Another commented, "I'm a lesbian and even I'm sad."

Someone else added, "Approximately 900,000 women just died of heartbreak".

Some even posted their live reactions it's safe to say some didn't handle the news very well...

Does Amy like trains?

Here it is, the all important question: does Amy, the girlfriend of probably the most famous trainspotter in the world, like trains? The answer seems to be a resounding YES and if her appearances in Francis' videos are anything to go on, she might be just as invested in locomotives as her bf.

In a recent video filmed by Lake Como in Italy, Amy can even be seen signaling for tones along with Francis. She's got a big smile on her face suggesting she is either as invested in trains as Francis is, or, like us, is brought immeasurable happiness from seeing Francis' enthusiasm.

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Despite initially being jealous of Amy, fans have now warmed to her with one person commenting, "I love how his girlfriend in the background is helping him get those tones 🥰."

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