Who is TikTok star Olivia Neill and how did she become famous?

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Olivia Neill

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Now that the social media app TikTok has become a much needed staple in our lives, we might as well explore the app’s hall of fame. It’s historically important - this info could come up on future A-Level exams. So we've decided to get the scoop on Olivia Neill.

She’s Northern Irish TikTok royalty, with 1.3 million TikTok followers, 67 million likes and 700k subscribers on YouTube. On TikTok she’s known for her viral dances but on YouTube she often goes viral with her weekly vlogs.

Earlier this year Olivia got into some hot water when she broke lockdown rules, so we are here to spill the tea on her internet life - past and present.

Who is Olivia Neill?

Olivia Neill is a Northern Irish TikTok and YouTube star, known on TikTok for her adorable dancing and fashion content. However, before TikTok became mainstream (remember that?), she rose to fame with her YouTube vlogs, including her“prom grwm” video that gained more than 1.4 million views.

How old is Olivia Neill?

Olivia Neill is 20 years old.

Where is Olivia Neill from?

Olivia grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and last summer she moved to London with her BFF YouTuber pal Flossie Clegg (@flossie) in August 2020. She's since bought a house and revealed her plans to move back to Ireland once her lease ends...

However she's now done a u-turn and revealed she's staying in London and is renting a new apartment without Flossie.

Are Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg still friends?

That's a good question and one a lot of their followers have been asking.

The YouTube subscribers have speculated that the duo may have fallen out so we've done a deep dive into their friendship and whether they're actually still friends.

Where did Olivia Neill work?

Not much is known about her work pre-internet fame (although she was at sixth form at the time), but we do know she planned to go to pilot school to become a pilot at some point.

Now, she is solely focused on growing her internet base, and she also plans to become an Indie singer in the future (although we're still not 100% sure if she's joking or not).

During a chat for heat's Influencer series, Olivia revealed her 2021 plans, "If travel was allowed I would LOVE to go to LA for a bit and meet some creators out there.

"I’ve also just bought a house so I’m super excited to get it all furnished and settle down.

"As for my career I have lots of secret things in the works right now but I plan on just continuing to work with my favourite brands and keeping up the YouTube content!"

Does Olivia Neill have a podcast?

She sure does. It's called Inner Monologue with Olivia Neill and the first episode drops on Wednesday 17 November.

Announcing the exciting news she wrote on the 'gram, "Guys!!!! I’m so excited to announce my brand new podcast 'Inner Monologue' a @spotifyuk original (??!! what is life).

"This has been a dream of mine for so long and I’m SO excited to finally share it with you!!! Thank you to everyone who made this possible, so beyond grateful 💖💖 Make sure you tune in every Wednesday to hear me chat sh1t and overshare as per usual lol".


Lots of her friends rushed to congratulate her with BFF Lewys Ball - aka Looking For Lewys - writing, "Slaaaay….. SLAAAAAAAAAY ".

Saffron Barker commented, "Ahhhh so exciting!!!❤️".

Fellow YouTuber Kate Elisabeth added, "GET IT GURL".

Does Olivia Neill model?

As of 2022, Olivia has followed in the footsteps of her pal Lila Moss - aka Kate Moss' daughter - and become a model.

Announcing the news on her podcast, she explained, "I've recently been trying to get into fashion and I really enjoy going to Paris Fashion Week, I went to the Fashion Awards and I have a stylist - not for everyday wear - just for big events or a shoot.

"My manager was like 'it would be worth while reaching out to agencies and see if they would be interested in having you as a digital talent'."

Fast forward and after a few meetings, Olivia has signed with Elite London - who recently welcomed Love Island's Maura Higgins to their books.

Is Olivia Neill in a relationship?

After breaking up with her boyfriend John Fletcher in 2020, she has been linked with fellow YouTuber Spencer Elmer (@elmofilms) however she's since unfollowed him from Instagram. Awkward.

It is also rumoured that Olivia dated singer HRVY at one point however that speculation died down shortly after his Strictly Come Dancing stint.

Olivia then reunited with her ex John, she announced the news in her 'baking my ex a cake to get him back' YouTube video, and they were long distance.

However they've since split up again.

Did Olivia Neill break lockdown rules?

In January 2021, it came to light that Olivia broke lockdown rules along with some of her influencer friends. Following the controversy and backlash, she took a three-week break from the internet, before returning with an apology video on her YouTube channel.

She explained, "A while ago there was an incident in which I made a really stupid and selfish decision and saw a household which wasn’t in my bubble…

"Not following Covid-19 guidelines is never something I would want to promote to my audience, it was really really irresponsible."

Where can I follow Olivia Neill?

You can follow Olivia on her TikTok account.

She also has a hilarious YouTube channel.

And of course, you can follow her Instagram account too.

While you're here, check out our interview with Olivia Neill as part of our "The influencer" series, where she tells us how she blew up, her YouTube tips and how to go viral on TikTok.

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