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The fashion influencers and business owners have opened up about what they ACTUALLY do every day

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Ever wondered what influencers do all day? Every week we're going to be chatting to famous social media influencers to find out exactly what they do on an average day.

This week we spoke to the women behind We Are Twinset - Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom - and they opened up about Victoria Beckham commenting on their Instagram photos, where they get inspiration for their content and their tips for new influencers.

Names: Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom

Ages: Sarah is 36 years old and Philippa is 33 years old

Social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

If you have a browse on We Are Twinset's Instagram account it quickly becomes clear that these best friends are fashion influencers.

Whether they're wearing matching outfits, colour co-ordinated clothes or they're showing off their incredible accessories - they'll leave you needing to know where they bought their 'fits.

And despite being full-time influencers and owning their own brand WAT The Brand, they're also mums.

So when we caught up with them we had to find out how they manage to juggle it all.

"We usually get woken up by the kids between 6 and 7am everyday and on a 'work day' we start work for 9am once we have dropped the kids off at nursery," they explained.

"One of the things we love most about our job is that everyday is so different, some days we shoot all day for various brand partnerships and for our instagram, other days we are on back to back zooms or in production meetings for our own brand, WAT The Brand.

"No two days are the same!"

The ladies first launched their We Are Twinset blog back in 2014 and it's grown so much they now have over 200k Instagram followers, 29.7k YouTube subscribers and own their own clothing brand.

So of course, we had to find out how they actually got into the industry and it turns out, it wasn't overnight.

"We both worked in the industry as stylists for a combined 25 years and built up some great contacts with brands.

"Then when we decided to take the plunge into influencing we reached out to our network who were all really supportive, it was definitely a helping hand for us getting started."

They continued, "We both worked as stylists, Philippa at YOU magazine as the fashion editor and Sarah as a stylist on ITV Lorraine.

"It was a definite juggle to start with and we worked weekends taking content and in the evenings brainstorming until we both decided it was time to go full time with We Are Twinset. Since then we've never looked back!"

"We always refer to the tools on Instagram for the breakdown of our audience"

Now, as for figuring out their audience on social media it turns out they don't use any jazzy apps or algorithms – instead they use their insights on Instagram.

"We always refer to the tools on Instagram for the breakdown of our audience but we have to say we engage with such amazing people daily who are such a wonderful mix of all ages and from all over the world.

"That's a definite highlight for us, being able to engage with such a variety of people and everyone is always so lovely and supportive!"

With their successful blog, content creating career and launching their own clothing company both Sarah and Philippa have to be very organised to keep on top of all their work.

"Once a week on a Friday we generally shoot all our Instagram content which is a mix of sponsored and organic content focussing on pieces and brands we love.

"Tuesdays are for Reels and more video content which again tends to be a mix of both sponsored projects and organic content. We like to shoot in our office on a Tuesday and then we are back in our office again on a Wednesday.

"[Shooting content can take] anywhere from two mins to the whole day! It really depends on the scope of the project, the location, whether it involves outfit changes etc.

"There's genuinely nothing better when you take an IG image though and you nail it in one, although this doesn't happen very often!"

They added, "In between all of this we also fit in trips to our suppliers for WAT The Brand as well as weekly meetings with our team.

"The rest of the week is ad hoc hours here and there whilst we juggle mum life!"

"We always love it when Victoria Beckham comments on our pictures"

There's a lot of content creators out there but We Are Twinset have admitted that when it comes to their content they often look on social media platforms for inspiration.

"We always like to get inspiration before we shoot and work out how we are going to execute our creative as there's nothing we find more stressful that not having a plan!

"We love looking on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and are constantly inspired by so many of the amazing content creators we follow."

They then added, "We always love it when Victoria Beckham comments on our pictures and shares when we wear her label.

"She is definitely one of our style heroes!"

Sarah and Philippa have also spilled the tea on what editing apps they use to get the perfect picture for the 'gram - Tezza, Lightroom and Colourtone.

Although they admitted, "We use them just to work on the colours and contrast of our images."

We Are Twinset give their advice for new influencers

If you want to follow in Sarah and Philippa's footsteps then they've advised to "just get started".

They explained, "Sometimes the thought is worse than actually getting going. Always post about things you love and be authentic to yourself as we truly believe there is room for everyone out there.

"Also take time to engage with brands and likeminded people you follow and are inspired by and you'll be surprised how you'll get chatting with various people and where it can take you."

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Their successful brand has resulted in Sarah and Philippa hiring employees to expand their team.

"We have a wonderful team of people that we work with, our manager, our photographer and videographer and someone that helps us behind the scenes on our instagram.

"Then there's our WAT The Brand Team, our business partner Nicky Green and also our designer and our merchandiser. We feel very lucky to have a very inspiring team behind us!"

The ladies may not have any career regrets because "everything is an opportunity to learn from", but they've opened up about what's surprised them most as content creators.

"The fact that we get to call it our job! We don't think we realised when we started We Are Twinset that it would turn into what it has today and that it would enable us to fulfil so many dreams including starting our very own brand.

"We feel very grateful about the path it has taken us [on]."

They then teased what's in store for the rest of the year by saying, "[We're going to] continue what we're doing, working with our dream brands and simultaneously growing our own brand WAT The Brand. Watch this space!"

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