The X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza is a daddy now – in more ways than one 👀

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Frankie Cocozza

by Alex Ross |

Fans of The X Factor will no doubt remember Frankie Cocozza, the bad boy of the singing competition who appeared in 2011 (SOMEHOW over a decade ago). In the ten plus years since he left the show, Frankie has been up to A LOT. In fact, he's totally transformed.

Seriously, at first we thought we were looking at Gavin & Stacey's Matthew Horne, then Robbie Williams, then Richard Madden.

No offence intended to anyone there.

Who is Frankie Cocozza?

Frankie Cocozza is a singer and reality TV star who first became famous when he competed on The X Factor in 2011. He was known for his bad boy reputation (imagine a naughtier Harry Styles with a little more smudged eyeliner and without 47 million Instagram followers) - he was such a bad boy, in fact, that he was kicked off the show for breaking competition rules and replaced by Amelia Lily.

Frankie Cocuzza
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See - such a rule-breaking bad boy that he didn't even care about facing the paps with his fly down in 2011. It really was a different time.

In 2012, Frankie was back on TV when he competed on Celebrity Big Brother. He finished in second place losing out to actress and television presenter Denise Welch. In 2017, he also appeared on Celebs Go Dating.

In addition to his TV work, Frankie has also released two EPs, been on a sell-out tour, and is currently working on an album with his band, the Telescreen.

What is Frankie Cocozza up to now?

Frankie is currently living in Australia... yep, you heard us right, Frankie's a proper Aussie now. He moved there with his wife Bianca after the pair tied the knot back in 2018.

Not only that, Frankie's also ditched his signature untamed look for a completely new style and we have to say, he is looking GOOD.

The singer recently posted a shirtless (well, suggestively unbuttoned) picture of himself on Instagram and many fans were quick to notice his difference in appearance – in fact, a fair few thought he was Robbie Williams.

One follower commented, "Robbie Williams but a better version."

Another said, "I thought this was @robbiewilliams when he was younger for a mo 😨."

Frankie captioned his latest snap, "daddy's back", so we have absolutely zero shame in calling him a "daddy" in the headline to this story. In fact, we're now toying with using the word "zaddy".

And it seems like Frankie's glow-up has been gagging his followers for weeks now.

In reaction to a close-up snap taken earlier this year, one fan commented, "Young Frankie that I've been following for 10 years has grown into a man."

Another said, "Kids really do age people lol."

Savage. They do though.

Is Frankie Cocozza married?

In 2018 Frankie married Bianca Murphy at a low-key ceremony in Brighton. Bianca posted a photo of the pair on their wedding day with the caption, "The Cocozzas!!!! 🌹❤️🌹."

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple. One commented, "holy sh-t have you seen a better couple, ever?"

Another wrote, "ur suchhh a stunnin bride man 😍😍 congratulations xxxxx."

The pair relocated to Sydney, Australia shortly after tying the knot to start a new chapter in their lives together.

Before he met Bianca, Frankie dated Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson after the pair met while filming Celebs Go Dating in 2017. Their relationship didn't last for very long after the show finished airing, however.

Does Frankie Cocozza have children?

Yes, and the Instagram snaps are nothing short of adorable.

Back in 2019, Frankie revealed the lovely news that he'd become a dad for the first time. He decided to call him... Frankie Cocozza, to keep in with family tradition. Sharing the most adorable photo of his newborn son sleeping, Frankie wrote, "Frankie the fourth x."

Frankie Cocozza
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It came after the former Celebrity Big Brother star announced his son's arrival, posting a photo of himself and baby Frankie together.

He wrote, "You’re in for one hell of a ride son. You’ll be absolutely fine because you’re half your mother. @biancacocozza."

Fans of the singer were quick to congratulate him, one user wrote, "Just too cute !!!!!!!'."

Former Celebs Go Dating star Eden Blackman wrote, "‪Love this Frankie boy! Huge congratulations to you and Bianca. What a wonderful life you’ve created. Lots of love man xx‬."

Jake Quickenden then wrote, "Congrats bro", before TOWIE's Bobby Norris added, "Congrats Frank!!! 💙"

Frankie's wife Bianca also posted the most adorable photo of the couple's new arrival, writing, "Because the world needed another Frankie Cocozza ❤️ I will be stuck in love land until further notice, our son 11/5/19 🏹 Pure happiness."

Last year Bianca posted another picture of little Frankie and we have to say, he is the absolute spit of his dad; he definitely takes after Frankie Senior in the hair department, that's for sure.

Does Frankie Cocozza have Instagram?

He does - you can follow him @frankiecocozza.

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