Gogglebox fans URGE Dave and Shirley to move amid β€˜hideous’ discovery

'Move house! That's the best idea!'

Gogglebox's Dave and Shirley

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Gogglebox stars Dave and Shirley Griffiths make for one of the most ICONIC duos from the beloved Channel 4 show. The Caerphilly couple were recently in the news after fans told them to move out of their home in relation to a terrifying issue that has arisen.

Dave and Shirley took to Instagram to share a picture of what may be the most terrifying spider we have ever seen. It is hard to gage the size of the spider as there is not much in the picture to indicate scale, but we bet it's an absolute whopper.

Dave and Shirley reached out to their followers, writing, "Found this out the back, any ideas?"

The couple's fans were quick to respond, with one writing, "Not sure yet, but I wouldn't p--s it off."

Another added, "Hideous. Step on it!"

Another person said the couple should, 'Move house! That's the best idea!' as was a view shared by many. And while we may think this could be a bit of an overreaction, we fully appreciate the sentiment.

Dave and Shirley have yet to update us on what has become of the terrifying arachnid, although we'd be willing to bet they haven't popped on Rightmove as a result of the eight legged terror.

In light of this recent scare, here's everything you NEED to know about Dave and Shirley...

Who are Gogglebox's Dave and Shirley Griffiths?

Dave and Shirley Griffiths are a lovable Welsh couple who live in Caerphilly (not too far away from Cardiff for those not up to date on their Welsh geography).

The pair have been together for over 40 years (wow) and are still going strong after all those years of marriage. They have been on Gogglebox since 2015, and have admitted the were fans of the show before they were approached to join the cast.

Since joining the show they have become firm fan favourites and we honestly can't believe they weren't on the show from the beginning.

How old are Dave and Shirley?

Shirley is 67 years old and Dave is 66 at the time of writing.

What do we know about Dave and Shirley's family?

The short answer is not a whole lot. While Dave and Shirley have chosen to have their sofa filmed nightly in the name of good telly, their family remain off camera. this doesn't extend to social media, however, as Dave and Shirley regularly post pics of their family.

They have two children, a son named Simon and daughter named Gemma.

Dave and Shirley shared a picture of them at Christmas with their family. They included the caption, "Merry Christmas to one and all, from the Griffiths family love Dave and Shirley xxx."

What did Dave and Shirley look like when they were younger?

Dave and Shirley posted a picture of them when they were younger earlier this year with the caption, "Look like something out of the sopranos."

Their fans were quick to respond to the post. One person wrote, "Sopranos: Welsh edition! πŸ˜‚."

Another added, "You both look great."

Someone else said, "You look so much better now guys", whereas we strongly believe they look just as goof now as they did then.

What the axed Gogglebox stars are up to now:


AXED Gogglebox stars: then and now - slider

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CREDIT: Channel 4

The Moffatts then

Arguably the shows biggest export, Scarlett Moffatt has gone on to do some incredible things since leaving the show in 2016, winning I'm a Celeb and landing presenting roles on Extra Camp and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

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CREDIT: Instagram

The Moffatts now

The rest of the family are still thick as thieves, as Scarlett's recent tribute to her dad Mark proves. After Scarlett gained celeb status, the whole family were axed, leaving Scarlett gutted – but they're certainly enjoying her celeb status, with "secret" little sister Ava making pals with Joe Swash's son Harry, and glitzy parties galore.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

The Tappers then

The Tappers were the super loud family of four from North London, but had their spot on Gogglebox rescinded after Amy's stint on Celebs Go Dating, due to the producers "no celebs" rule.

Gogglebox4 of 20

The Tappers now

But despite returning to their day jobs the family are still as tight knit as ever, with Nikki and Jonathon recently celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary.Jonathon – a chauffer - has recently shed 3 and half stone and is almost unrecognisable from his Gogglebox days and son Josh is a budding politician.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Sandi and Sandra then

Sandi first crashed onto our screens alongside best friend Sandra, with their incredible nails and plentiful takeaways, and had to deny claims they'd fallen out after Sandra seemingly made a dig at Sandi's 'celebrity' lifestyle after leaving the show.

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CREDIT: Twitter

Sandi now

She's since gone on to do a number of reality TV projects including CBB in 2017 and Famous and Fighting Crime last year, and is an aspiring soul singer.She's also thecousin of Naomi Campbell.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Sandra and Chanchez then

Sandra decided to stay on the show for a time after Sandi left, and enlisted her daughter Chanchez to keep her company on the sofa.

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CREDIT: Twitter

Sandra now

Despite her fame and status as one of the most popular Goggleboxers ever, Sandra admitted to us last year that she was "broke" and moving into an over 55 home after being homeless for months. Last year she announced she would be getting married to her unnamed boyfriend, but from her social media still looks to be single.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

George Gilbey then

Another 'boxer deemed 'too sleb' for the sofa, George Gibley's time on Gogglebox came to an end after he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, coming fourth, and snogging celebrity ladies Stephanie Pratt AND Edele Lynch.

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CREDIT: Twitter

George Gilbey now

After a brief return to the show, George's life has taken a distinctly less glamorous turn, and last year narrowly avoiding prison when he was charged with trying to strangle his ex-girlfriend while their daughter slept upstairs.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Steph and Dom then

Steph and Dom Parker are another Gogglebox family to have done very well for themselves since leaving the show in 2017. Their excellent comedic chemistry has landed them their own radio show on talkRadio, and they've hosted a number of telly shows, like 2014's Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage.

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Steph and Dom now

But there's a serious side to the Sandwich dwelling, B&B owning couple, too. Earlier this year they hosted an investigative documentary looking into medical marijuana, as parents to severely epileptic son Max, 18.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Mummy Pat then

Pat Webb is the mother of OG 'boxer Stephen Webb and temporarily stepped in to replaced his ex and friend Chris when he left in 2017 (more on that in a bit).

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Mummy Pat now

We haven't seen much of Mummy Pat since she left the show, and viewers weren't happy to see her go, but she did rock a fascinator fabulously for Stephen's wedding to husband Daniel Lustig.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Christopher Ashby-Steed then

Christopher Ashby-Steed joined Stephen Webb on the first EVER episode of Gogglebox in 2013. At first they were in a romantic relationship – but after they broke up, decided to continue working together on the show.

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CREDIT: Twitter

Christopher Ashby-Steed now

However, things eventually turned pretty sour between the two, and earlier this year Chris gave an interview with The Mirror where he claimed Stephen had "bullied" him off the show."A year on, I've finally had the courage to stand up to a bully and start to tell the story of how @Stephenwebb71 forced of off @C4Gogglebox and how it's affected my mental health since," he tweeted, adding that he'd received no mental health aftercare, which is an "industry-wide failing".He's found his happy ever after, though, wit a new husband.

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Leon and June then

Leon and June Bernicoff were the hilarious elderly couple who had us alternatively in stitches/tears from the first episode, up until Leon's tragic death in December 2017. Deciding not to continue on the show without her husband, June has largely stepped out of the limelight but occasionally gives interviews, and wrote a memoir about her 62 year marriage called Leon and June: Life, Love and Laughter – Our Story.

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Leon and June now

June sadly passed away at the age of 82 in May 2020. Her death was announced in a statement by Channel 4, which read, "We are deeply saddened to announce that Gogglebox's much-loved June Bernicoff passed away at the age of 82 on May 5 at home with her family by her side after a short illness."As the first couple to be cast for Gogglebox back in 2013, June and her husband Leon were a huge part of the programme's success. Their warmth, wit and contrasting personalities endeared them to the nation during the course of the first 10 series."

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CREDIT: Channel 4

Silent Jay then

One of the most iconic Goggleboxers of all time, Silent Jay – AKA Jay Makin – gained legions of fans with his hilarious facial expressions. He was the boyfriend of Eve Woerdenweber, but left the show after they split.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Silent Jay now

After his departure in the show in 2015, Jay told The Sun, "I get recognised as that guy who never speaks β€” and most people get shocked by how much I talk. I am generally quite talkative."They just edit the bits where I talk out."

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Do Dave and Shirley have Instagram?

They do - you can follow them @dave_shirl_gogglebox.

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