Inside Kim Kardashian’s extreme divorce diet

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Kim Kardashian

by Katie Holloway |

It seems Kim Kardashian is taking inspiration from her sister’s controversially titled reality show Revenge Body, as we’re told that – following the news of her and husband Kanye West’s impending divorce – she’s on a mission to look her best ever.

“Kim’s taking her new year’s health kick to the extreme,” an insider close to the 40 year old tells heat. “She’s banned carbs, sugars, dressing and dairy until she reaches her goal weight of 120lbs (8st 8lbs) by the end of January. She’s the first to admit slacking off her regular routine before the holidays, but now she’s up early every morning and hitting the gym three times a day – plus calorie counting everything that passes her lips. This new regime does come with side-effects, though, not least headaches and apparently being crabby as hell to be around.”

Kim Kardashian

After it was revealed last week that the iconic couple are set to divorce after a particularly troublesome year of marriage, we are told that the star is putting the focus on herself for now. “She’s highly motivated not to fall down the pecking order in the family, in terms of who’s rocking the hottest body,” our insider says of the mum of four.

“And with Kourtney and Khloé looking fabulous – plus having to compete with Kylie and Kendall, who are almost half her age – she figures it calls for some pretty militant measures both diet-wise and in the gym. She’s going way over the top, but her body is her business.”

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Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian

Real Kim fans will actually know that she first got married in 2000 when she was just 19 years old. She eloped with then boyfriend Damon Thomas - who is 10 years older than her – but they didn't last and split in 2003. Kim has since said that she was actually on ecstasy during their wedding.

Last week, Kim shared videos with her fans from the filming of the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And although the reality family have already signed a new deal with Disney to produce content for streaming service Hulu, Kim told fans she was “officially sobbing”. It’s the end of an era for the family, and for Kim personally – once she’s got her multi-million-dollar divorce underway, she’s already looking ahead to when she might start dating again.

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We’re told, “Kim thinks her metabolism has slowed down since turning 40. So, she compensates with extra workouts, stricter diets and no excuses for taking on those stubborn extra pounds. She knows she’ll have to start dating again and wants to attract hot young guys. It’s important to her that she’s toned and looking fantastic in a bikini – she loves the idea of posting untouched pictures on her Insta that will prove she doesn’t need filters, like so many other celebs.”

It seems that Kim – who is said to be working with divorce lawyers – is taking things to the extreme and is keen to stick to her strict plant-based plan. Our source says, “She’s in touch with her trainer every day, plus her nutritionist helps map out meal plans and snacks. The experts have encouraged her to go with a more generous balance of healthy carbs, but Kim’s being stricter than anyone can remember. She’s even ditching balsamic vinegar on her salads and won’t hear of cream in her coffee – a splash of almond milk once or twice a day is considered a treat.”

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