Kitty Scott-Claus: who is the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and Celebrity MasterChef star?

We'll never be able to look at RuPaul in the same way...

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four is well underway, but just because we’ve got 12 brand new queens to obsess over, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the cast of season three.

Especially as runner-up Kitty Scott-Claus, who recently cooked up a storm of fierceness on Celebrity Masterchef, has lifted the lid on a series of, frankly, jaw-dropping behind-the-scenes Drag Race UK secrets.

Kitty spilled some piping hot tea during a recent appearance on the Saving Grace podcast as she revealed what it’s REALLY like to film the BBC Three show and it’s not quite as fabulous as you might expect.

She told host Grace Keeling, “Once you finish filming they put you back into your hotel rooms separately and they sellotape the door. They do it on the outside so they know if you’ve left the room.

“You can hear them doing it and they would sign it so they knew if you’d been out your room – and they used to have people watching in the corridor.”

Kitty also revealed the cast weren’t allowed to have their phones during filming so that there was “no outside world influence”.

As for RuPaul, the iconic drag Glamazon might be known for her incredible outfits, but Kitty let slip that Mama Ru actually wears jogging bottoms behind the judges desk.

“Yeah, that’s true,” she confirmed. “And no nails. Come on, Ru. Get your crillies done, babes!”

kitty scott-claus rupaul's drag race uk
It turns out RuPaul's wearing jogging bottoms behind that desk and we're SHOOK to our very core ©BBC

Kitty also dispelled the rumours that Ru’s a diva behind-the-scenes as she explained, “You hear things before you go on a show like Drag Race and so I was always like, ‘Okay, be prepared for it not to be like it seems when you watch it’ and then when we lived it and it happened, I was like, ‘I’m actually so pleasantly surprised’.

“She took an interest in us and she would be in there like, ‘I’ve been in here too long now’, just chatting away.”

After she revealed all about appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, here’s everything you need to know about Kitty Scott-Claus?

Who is Kitty Scott-Claus?

Kitty Scott-Claus is a drag queen who rose to fame on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2021. She got her first drag gig in 2017 and performed in a Girls Aloud tribute act called Gals Aloud alongside Drag Race UK season one queen Cheryl before appearing on the BBC Three show.

In drag, Kitty’s pronouns are she/her. Out of drag, Kitty goes by the name Louie Westwood and uses he/him pronouns.

Where is Kitty Scott-Claus from?

Kitty grew up in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham moved to London at the age of 18 to attend drama school.

How old is Kitty Scott-Claus?

Kitty was born on 20 February 1992, so she’s currently 30 years old. That also makes her a Pisces.

What is the meaning behind Kitty Scott-Claus’ drag name?

Kitty Scott-Claus is a play on words of the phrase, “Kitty’s got claws.”

Explaining how she came up with the name, Kitty said, “Originally I was going to be Madonna Kebab, then I thought about Chelsea Bun, or Burger Queen, but nothing landed. But one day it just hit me. I have a large array of funny catch phrases and funny voices – and I realised that whenever someone was being a bit catty, I always used to say ‘ooh saucer of milk…. This kitty’s got claws!’ And so that’s how Kitty Scott-Claus was born!”

Hang on, was Kitty Scott-Claus supposed to be on Drag Race UK season two?

Kitty's previously revealed she initially applied to be on season two of RuPaul's Drag Race UK but wasn't selected to join the cast after doing a bit of a "rush job" with her audition tape. She told Digital Spy, "Honestly, with my season two tape, I did an amazing job with that, but I was going off to do panto, because it was when the world was open, when we were auditioning for season two. So, I think I filmed my whole tape in about three days.

"It was a real rush job, and I was just like, 'Ugh, get it done, get it done'."

Did Kitty Scott-Claus appear on Celebrity MasterChef?

Yes, she did, and she was downright iconic. She slayed Masterchef (in a room full of scorching ovens) in industrial-strength makeup and we have nothing but respect but admiration. Kitty appeared on the 2022 edition of the series over the summer with Lisa Snowdon, Richard Blackwood, Melanie Blatt, Jimmy Bullard, Paul Chuckle, Nancy Dell'Olio, Chris Eubank, Kirsty Gallacher, Danny Jones, Katya Jones, Lesley Joseph, Kae Kurd, Gareth Malone, Queen MoJo, Cliff Parisi, Adam Pearson, Clarke Peters, Ryan Thomas and Faye Winter.

Does Kitty Scott-Claus have Instagram?

Of course, you can follow Kitty on Instagram at @kittyscottclaus.

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