Laura Anderson reveals the real reason she split from boyfriend Tom Brazier

She says they're on 'good terms'

laura anderson tom brazier split

by Lucy Smith |

Laura Anderson has opened up about why she broke up with ex boyfriend Tom Brazier.

The former Love Islander admitted that the split happened after Tom was set to move up to Scotland with her, when she then decided that wasn't what she wanted.

Laura explained, "It was lovely that he wanted to follow me up to Scotland, but I think that’s not always the right thing for them.

"Sometimes, when people move for you, you sort of have to look after them a little bit and I think for once in my life I want to be a little bit selfish."

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This explanation comes not long after Laura told followers on Instagram that she wouldn't be "discussing [the break up] further."

We guess she changed her mind, then 😂.

Speaking to New! magazine, Laura went on to say, "It wasn’t something I just decided quickly. I had been thinking about it and I was just a bit unsure.

"I think when the person is right, you’re not unsure. I just thought, 'If I’m doubting this now and it’s still early on, then I have to just take a bit of a risk.'"

Laura also added that her and Tom are still on "good terms" and that he's already sent her some flowers and a housewarming prezzie.

Aww, Tom.

When asked if she's open to dating, Laura said that "it's the last thing on [her] mind," and that she's in "no rush" to get married and have kids, though she did say that it's something she would want.

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laura anderson struggles living alone
Laura took to Instagram to explain why she felt it was necessary for her to travel out of the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic ©Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Laura is now renting a three bedroom flat in Glasgow, Scotland, but told fans on Instagram earlier this week that, "Living alone with the Scottish restrictions since moving back has been a huge challenge mentally.

"I’m sure anyone living alone will agree."

Laura, who initially moved to the UAE ten years ago, travelled to Dubai to visit her sister who still lives there.

Speaking to the publication from beside the pool (ugh, jealous) she said, "I'm quite happy, I've got my friends and family around me."

Yay ❤️. We're sure you're going to SLAY your new single life, Laura.

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