EXCLUSIVE: Love In The Flesh’s Lauren Kent on why she kept her pregnancy a secret

The reality star has opened up to heat about how proud she was being a part of such a diverse show

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BBC Three's brand new reality show Love In The Flesh is officially over, with host Zara McDermottalready fuelling rumours of a second series.

One stand out star of the first series was Lauren Kent, who entered the show as a single to stir things up but quickly became a couple with Scottish Caz Milligan. They won viewers over with their #relatable chats, including admitting that they weren't originally drawn to each other in looks. Despite the pair being kicked off the show after a challenge revealed that they had the 'least meaningful connection' - Lauren is definitely a show fave.

Just last week, Lauren announced some life-changing news - she's expecting a baby. Her happy news came a week after show winners Chibs and Shazelle revealed that they too were pregnant.

Speaking exclusively to heat about her happy news, Lauren admitted it was a relief to be able to share her news, "I had to keep my pregnancy a secret because of the show, I'm quite far on so I finally got to shout about it and life is so sweet. Shazelle told me she was pregnant and I was so happy so I was like yeah you have your moment, I'll wait a bit!"

Many fans are probably wondering if Caz is a part Lauren's happy news, but that's not the case, as they went their separate ways weeks after the show ended.

Speaking about why they decided to call things off, Lauren said, "We just didn't match. Like, at all. Some of the conversations we were having, I was like I don't want that.

"We just kind of called it quits and we're sound. I told him I was pregnant and he was just so happy for me because we did get to know each other quite a bit. So he knows what I've been through and stuff and so he's like, 'you deserve all the happiness'."

Lauren revealed that she was scouted by the show whilst she was travelling the world, taking a break away from her 'Devil Wears Prada-esque' job in PR in London, and after a few phone calls she was flown out with a whole bunch of singles, calling the process "a complete whirlwind".

One thing that viewers took away from Love In The Flesh was diversity, with different kinds of body type, skin colour, ethnicity, life experiences and sexuality all represented on the show. Many compared the show to ITV2's Love Island, that was famously caused a lot of controversy with its lack of diversity since the show started in 2015.

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Where are the Love In The Flesh 2022 couples now?

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together1 of 7

Chibs and Shazelle

Status: TOGETHER We can safely say Chibs and Shazelle are the golden couple, with a little baby on the way.

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together2 of 7

Lauren and Cam

Status: NOT TOGETHER Lauren and Cam entered the villa as singles as gravitated towards each other despite both admitting they definitely were not each other's usual types. We had high hopes for them, but alas, they also called it a day.

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together3 of 7

Niki and Cristos

Status: NOT TOGETHER Niki and Cristos were one of the first couples to leave the villa after they both decided it wasn't meant to be. They definitely provided some entertainment though, right?

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together4 of 7

Dan and Ana

Status: NOT TOGETHER Another singles couple, Dan and Ana were accused by their co-stars of just having 'lust'. Turns out, they were probably right as they're no more.

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together5 of 7

Brandon and Hannah

Status: NOT TOGETHER The villa bad boi (rolls eyes) Brandon wasn't sure about Hannah from the get go and they decided to go their separate ways in the villa.

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together6 of 7

Millie and Shelby

Status: NOT TOGETHER Millie and Shelby were going swimmingly until Millie admitted she felt was falling harder for Shelby and it wasn't reciprocated. We're not sure what happened between them, but they're not together anymore, as they both have shared Instagrams about being single.

love-in-the-flesh-couples-still-together7 of 7

Jess and Kwame

Status: NOT TOGETHER Having chatted online for five years, Jess and Kwame were definitely a front runner to last on the outside, with Jess revealing that if all goes well she would want Kwame to meet her little boy in six months. It wasn't meant to be though.

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Lauren was proud to be part of a show that represented everyone, saying, "I was always missing relatability for myself on like things like Love Island. I stopped watching it. It was so strange because as soon as I stopped watching it, I was like I have more confidence to be in a bikini and going on the beach.

"It's all about comparison, once you stop that and start being authentic, things change but it's tough. On the show you obviously saw me on TV in bikini but growing up it was a very different story. I would cover up as much as I could, one because I'm curvy and two because I was ginger. I just didn't want anyone to see me."

She added, "I'm so confident in my pregnancy body, I've not experienced this kind of confidence. I'm so proud of it. I'm growing a human."

We hear you, Lauren.

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