EXCLUSIVE: Megan Barton-Hanson addresses Charlie Brake’s ‘flirting’ following Wes Nelson split

He's been accused of trying it on

Megan Barton-Hanson and Charlie Brake

by Carl Smith |

It's been a matter of weeks since Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson announced their split with that hilarious statement, but everyone's already claiming a certain other Islander's been trying it on with her over Instagram.

To cut an already-quite-short story even shorter, Ellie Brown's ex Charlie Brake recently commented on one of Megan's photos saying 'Megssss 👏🏼' which obviously means they're dating, right? RIGHT?

Let's ask Megan.

Chatting about SAID CLAPPING EMOJI, Megan explained: "He's just been supportive as a friend.

"Obviously him and Ellie broke up quite soon after we left the villa and I think he knows how hard it is. Everyone's got an opinion. I guess he was just being a supportive friend.

"Then the other Charlie [Williams] wrote something on my post and everyone's saying he's trying to get in there.

"We all lived together; we're close. They're just trying to be supportive at this shitty time."

Heck. If a 🔥 emoji means you're in a relationship, we're shagging about 9000 fit Instagram models simultaneously. And our best mate Sarah. Weird.

WATCH: Megan addresses Charlie's 'flirting' 🐸☕️

This all comes after Megan told us she's 'still very much in love' with ex Wes 'as a friend.'

She told heat: "We are still very much in love as friends, but that's all it will ever be. I'll always support him, no matter what he does. He's a lovely boy inside and out.

"It just didn't work out because of age."

Megan also assured us she'll be supporting Wes and partner Vanessa Bauer on Dancing on Ice. She said: "Going through an experience like that with someone, you're never going to forget them. Whenever I look back on memories of Love Island, he's always going to be part of that."

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