Love Island’s Paige Turley: ‘I’ve STILL not received my prize money’

As she speaks out about the "Love Island curse"

Love Island's Paige Turley

by Nathan Katnoria |

It may feel like the credits only recently rolled on the Love Island finale back in February, when Paige Turley was crowned a winner alongside boyfriend Finn Tapp, but the couple have barely had a moment to breathe since bagging the £50k prize.

We catch up with 22-year-old Paige as she finally puts her feet up for a few minutes…

Love Island's Paige Turley
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How are you feeling after a busy few weeks?

It’s been a whirlwind, but so much fun. Last week, we attended the TRIC Awards and did a big magazine shoot. Finn and I also spent the weekend in Scotland, and he met the whole family.

And how did he get on?

He fit in really well. It was quite cute. We met up with lots of family and then had lazy days on Sunday and Monday before we came back to London.

You’ve talked about moving in together – do you think Finn could be convinced to move to Scotland?

We’re currently living out of suitcases in hotels, so we haven’t quite figured out where we’ll end up. A lot of the work is down south, though, so I would have to move there. But it has been so hectic, we’ve not had a chance to think about it. In time, moving in together is definitely something we’re going to do.

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Have you had quality time with Finn or is it all work, work, work?

People say it’s work, but we really enjoy going to awards and meeting people. It’s not felt like work!

It must be nice being able to do it together, too?

Yeah, exactly, it’s great to have each other in photo shoots – it makes you feel a lot more comfortable.

Who’s better at doing the model poses?

Oh, Finn. Have you seen how handsome he is? I was like, “This is your calling!”

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Is Finn still as soppy as he was in the villa?

[Laughs] He’s going to hate me for saying that. Yes, he’s even softer now – if that’s possible! I think both of us have got soppier. The ice queen has melted.

You’ve already talked about marriage and babies…

I think with the relationship being in the villa, it’s naturally quite sped up. So, although we’re not speaking like, “We’re going to get married and have a family now,” we have spoken about it in the long run. We’re going to enjoy our time together at the moment. We have only just got out of the villa. We enjoy having a lazy day now!

Are you worried about the “Love Island curse”?

We’re just living in the moment. We’re not thinking, “What if we split up?” If you’re settled in a relationship, it’s not something you feel the need to think about.

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What’s the most extravagant thing you’ve bought with your share of the £50k prize?

I’ve not actually received [the money] just yet, but when it comes through, I’m sure there will be a shopping trip.

Have you been able to hang out with the other Islanders? Been on any double dates with them?

We had a night out with some of the guys in Manchester when we went there. It’s just so hard to fit the time into everybody’s schedules to get together. But we’re always in touch. Hopefully, I’m going to meet up with Shaughna soon.

We miss seeing you guys together…

We’re literally texting each other every day!

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