Liam Reardon breaks silence on cheating rumours following Millie Court split

The Love Island 2021 winner opened up about ‘difficult few months’

millie court liam reardon split cheating

by Nathan Katnoria |

Liam Reardon has spoken out to address rumours he cheated on Millie Court following their split in July.

The Love Island 2021 winners became the second of last year’s final couples to split (after Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank parted ways) a year after they coupled up and although their break-up statements suggested their split was amicable, rumours Liam had been unfaithful quickly began swirling on social media.

After Millie defended Liam and insisted he hadn’t strayed, the former bricklayer has now admitted it’s been “a difficult few months” following the break-up and those rumours.

millie court liam reardon split cheating
Millie and Liam split in July 2022 after a year of dating ©Getty

Liam opened up on social media during an Instagram Q&A with his followers when one asked, “How are you doing, mate?”

He replied, “A lot of you asked this. I’m doing good so thank you to all that asked. It’s been a difficult few months, with moving from my home in Essex to moving back to Wales and now living back in Essex on my own.

“Break ups can be very hard and being in the public eye makes in that extra bit more difficult to deal with especially when you have rumours etc coming out and people judging your character off something which isn’t true.”

millie court liam reardon split
Liam opened up about the split in a candid Instagram post ©Instagram/Liam Reardon

Liam continued, “But I’ve been down before and when you’re down you can either stay down or do what you can to pick yourself up dust yourself off and move forward. And that’s what I’m doing. Just want to say love to all you guys who follow and support me, especially over these past few months it means the world.”

His comments come after Millie took to social media to put to bed any speculation that the relationship soured as a result of Liam's behaviour.

Millie wrote, "Just wanted to jump on here to say thank you to everyone again for your support and all of your really kind words. It would have taken me hours to sit there and reply back to each and every one of you so just know that I see you, you made me smile on a really hard day and I love you all. I feel so lucky to have you all in my life.

"I'd also like to ask you guys not to believe everything you read in the press or have seen on social media. Last thing I want is people to say nasty things about Liam or put the blame on him, or vice versa, it wouldn't have ended on a good note like it did if anything had happened. Going through a break up is hard enough as it is, let alone when people are spreading nasty rumours that are simply not true. Please remember we are human beings too, we have feelings and to always, always be kind. You never really know what someone is going through.

"I know I have been quiet for a couple of days but I needed time to digest, and also stay off my phone and clear my mind. However, majority of my job is based online and I love my job so much I truly do. I'll continue posting as normal, but again please be mindful of what you are commenting. Love you guys xxx."

millie court liam reardon split
Millie and Liam won Love Island in 2021 ©Getty

Despite a rocky ride in the villa when Liam had his head turned by Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes, Millie and Liam went on to win the show and split the £50k prize money. They later moved into a £1million home in Essex, which Millie is currently living in alone following the split.

Back in July, Millie confirmed that the pair had made the “tough decision” to split in a statement posted on her Instagram, which naturally set social media alight. Her original post read, “Hi everyone, to avoid any speculation Liam and I wanted to share with you that we have separated 😢💔.

“It’s been a tough decision and I am gutted but it’s ultimately what is best for us right now. Thank you to every single one of you for supporting our relationship.”

She continued, “Nothing will ever take away from the amazing experience we shared in Love Island & the past year and I wish Liam all the best in everything he does. We’re both ready for new chapters and I’m excited for what’s next. Love, Millie ❤️.”

Millie issued a statement on her Instagram stories ©Instagram/Millie Court

A similar statement was posted on Liam’s Instagram stories as he told his followers that although he and Millie had “sadly separated”, he “will remain Millie’s biggest supporter in all that she does”.

He added, “We’ve been so lucky to come into each other’s lives.”

The only remaining couples from Love Island 2021 are Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran and Faye Winter and Teddy Soares who are both still going strong after they both moved in together in their couples.

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