Made in Chelsea fans accuse Zara McDermott of ‘fake crying’ amid Sam Thompson split

She broke down while having a meal with Jamie Laing

Zara McDermott crying fake tears

by Lucy Smith |

Fans are claiming that Zara McDermott was faking her 'meltdown' on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea.

In the episode, the former Love Islander broke down at a meal with co-star Jamie Laing as she confessed that she had cheated on ex Sam Thompson.

She said, while sobbing (supposedly 👀), "When it happened I genuinely thought that me and Sam were going to break up, inevitably.

"I just thought we were hanging on by a tiny thread and we're going to break up."

Looking disappointed, Jamie replied, "Listen, from a guy's point of view I just wouldn't make any excuses for it, obviously."

"I'm not, at all, I'm not," said Zara, but fans were having none of it and went wild on Twitter, claiming that Zara was crying "fake tears" and only doing so to "justify her cheating."

Zara Mcdermott crying on mic
Zara cried in front of Jamie, Habbs and Ruby ©E4

One wrote, "I'm getting second hand embarrassment from Zara's fake crying #MadeInChelsea."

"Zara's face is bone dry #MadeinChelsea," added another.

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Andy Jordan

Kicking things off is Andy Jordan, who first appeared on our screens wooing Spencer Matthews' then girlfriend Louis Thompson. He went on to get the girl, and earned himself a reputation as a bit of a love-sick wet cloth thanks to his incessant warbling - sorry, singing.

Zara's TV sob, or lack thereof, comes after herself and MIC co-star Sam publicly announced their split last month.

A source told the MailOnline that the pair called it quits back in August.

"They had been arguing a lot since moving in together as a result of lockdown and things just built up between them," they said.

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Since then, Zara has taken to Instagram to send Sam a message titled, "To the love of my life."

Errr, ok.

In the video - a montage of clips of Zara and Sam together - Zara wrote, " I want you to know how much I adore you," alongside a caption explaining how she doesn't want their relationship to be over.

Well, as Jamie put it on MIC, cheating on Sam was an act of "betrayal" and one "that could easily happen again."

So we'll wish you luck, Zara. Lots of it...

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