MAFSA’s Tamara Joy shows off jaw-dropping Queensland pad

It has a POOL

tamara joy mafs apartment

by Lucy Smith |

Poor Tamara, she didn't exactly have a smooth ride on Married at First Sight Australia, did she?

It's not everyday your husband has an affair with another woman, but when you've put all your faith into finding love with a stranger, that affair has got to be pretty tough to take...

Alas, the 31 year old has moved onwards and upwards and, from the looks of it, she's living the high life in her flashy Mermaid Beach apartment.

After a quick peruse of Tamara's Instagram, we think we've got a feel for the place and, erm, we're very jealous.

Let's take a look around.

CHECK OUT: inside Tamara Joy's Mermaid Beach apartment

Kicking things off with the exterior...

The pastel colour scheme

We're OBSESSED with this paint job. From the looks of it, it's an apartment complex with shared pool. Dreamy Santa Barbara vibes or what?

The PERSONALISED neon light fixture

Tamara continues the pastels in her living room with a cushy pink sofa and a babein', if we do say so ourselves, personalised neon light. Goals.

The neutral Boho bedroom

LOVING this headboard.

And she's got a mirror to match, of course with a little pastel pink peaking through on the wardrobe doors.

The glass-screened balcony

Not only is Tamara's place just a stone's throw from the beach, it looks out onto the picturesque Mermaid Waters. Don't know about you but we're booking a one-way ticket to Aus as soon as we're allowed...

The modern glass staircase

The glass theme continues and, is that a little glimpse into her lounge in the background? Look at that VIEW.

The little galley kitchen

With a little hint of pastel, naturally.

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tamara joy dan webb
Dan had an affair with cast-mate Jessika Power. ©Nine

Recently, Tamara spilled the tea on the BTS action between her and her on-screen husband Dan Webb and apparently they had a huge bust up.

On a day when the pair weren't filming, they went to the pub with co-stars Mike Gunner, Mick Gould and Mark Scrivens and Dan's behaviour allegedly turned sour after a couple drinks.

Later on, back at their apartment complex, Tamara explained that Dan demanded to know what was wrong with her (after she left the pub) and blocked her way out of the room.

"I was holding my plate, trying to walk out," she said, "and he pushed me back and slam­med the fridge door closed.

"My plate smashed on the floor. I was terrified. He’s a big guy, I didn’t know him well. I ran out of the apart­ment crying. I went to the resident producer and demand­ed she get me another apartment."

Oh dear...

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