MAFS’ Mike Gunner responds to ‘offensive’ comment he made at reunion

People weren't happy...

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by Lucy Smith |

Mike Gunner has finally broken his silence on the "offensive" comment he made about the women on Married at First Sight Australia during the show's final episode.

Though the actual comment was made over a year ago now, the reality star addressed his actions last week, admitting that he "should’ve literally just said nothing."

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A LOT of people applied to take part in Married at First Sight 2016.Over 1,500 people applied to take part in the first series, but experts whittled them down to just three couples.

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Mike called his relationship with Heidi quits just days after deciding to give it a go. ©Nine

For those not in the know, the comment in question was that, "groups of women don't cope as well as groups of men under pressure."

At the time, co-stars termed the 45 year old "offensive" and "sexist" but now, he has claimed that the comment was taken out of context.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, he said, "The producers played this clip of all the girls blowing up and yelling at each other and then they play a clip of the guys getting along with pats on the back and showing each other support.

"They then threw it out to the group and asked what made the guys so solid and the girls fall apart."

He continued, "These were my words, I said ‘I don’t think I want to weigh in on this. I’m just going to stay out of this one.’

"[Melissa Lucarelli] went ‘no no, come on, what’s your opinion’ and I said exactly this ‘is it possible that in a situation like this, groups of men handle the pressure better than groups of women?’"

In retrospect, Mike admitted that he regrets what he said, and wished he had said "nothing."

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The former electrician added that the post-production editing had annoyed him, as he felt it made him look like he was making a "stab at gender."

He said, "It sounded like I just interjected and that really p--sed me."

Now, while he may have said his goodbyes to his on-screen wife Heidi Latcham, Mike is still looking loved up as ever, and told fans on Instagram that his new partner "gets [him]."

He wrote, "Her hugs are warm and she’s gentle and kind. She puts me in my place when I need it but also sees my soft side. I need that. @sonjamarcelline."

Awww ❤️.

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