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Married At First Sight Australia

by Carl Smith |

If you were to ask us how we've managed to cope during lockdown 3.0, we could probably narrow it down to three things: crisps, cake and Married At First Sight Australia.

With a humongous Love Island-shaped hole in our telly schedule of late, we've turned to our mates down under for our fix. And, oh; that 7:30pm slot on E4's been our absolute saviour.

But - with series 6 about to wrap up here in Blighty - we haven't been able to shake that cloud of sadness. What are we actually gonna do without that Ning Surasiang and Mark Scrivens moment? The Martha Kalifatidis, Jessika Power and Ines Basic beef? Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant's all-round ADORABLE-NESS?

ENTER: Married At First Sight Australia series 7.

Yep - the good news is that E4 has literally just confirmed the next season of the show is set to air in the UK this summer; and we're ready to become obsessed all over again.

Married at First Sight Australia series 6's most dramatic transformations:


Married at first sight season 6 then and now

Susie Bradley then
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Susie had a rollercoaster of a ride on MAFS. Her husband was trying it on with Jessika, she was supposedly trying it on with Jessika's husband Mick - you couldn't write this stuff.

Susie Bradley now
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CREDIT: Instagram @todd_carney06

Now, Susie's looking happy as ever with her fiancé Todd Carney. They even welcomed a baby boy, Lion, in March 2020. Susie has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Billy Vincent then
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Billy ud83eudd7a. Bless his cotton socks, he didn't have the most positive experience on MAFS, did he...

Billy Vincent now
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CREDIT: Instagram @billyvincent

But hey, he's looking absolutely FINE now (in all senses of the word). Phwoar. He's also now dating model and professional snowboarder Rani Siregar. Everyone gets their happily ever after folks, so don't give up just yet.

Tamara Joy then
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Ahhh, the real victim of the Jessika/Dan scandal. Poor Tamara.

Tamara Joy now
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CREDIT: Instagram @tamara__joy

Moving on and up looks good on you, Tamara x. In 2021, Tamara revealed that she is now dating Love Island UK 2016 contestant Tom Powell and she even moved to the UK to be with him. However, we're not sure if they're currently still together as they like to keep their relationship to themselves and haven't shared any pictures of themselves together since July.

Ning Surasiang then
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Just when she thought she was ready to relax into her marriage with Mark, BOOM, brutal dumping.

Ning Surasiang now
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CREDIT: Instagram @ning_sura85

BUT, Ning is doing better than ever now. She's got a new man, she's just become a grandmother - things are looking up.

Sam Ball then
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Now THIS, is a serious transformation. From preppy....

Sam Ball now
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CREDIT: Instagram @who_is_samm RIPPED. Seriously, this man is fully on the gains hype and we think we kind of love the shaved head, too?

Martha Kalifatidis then
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Yesss, one of the couples that are still going strong three years down the line - Martha and Michael ❤ufe0f.

Martha Kalifatidis now
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CREDIT: Instagram @martha__k

Nowadays, Martha is rocking a ginger 'do and she's looking gorg as ever.

Michael Brunelli then
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Back in 2018, Michael was giving us grungy, edgy man-bun vibes.

Michael Brunelli now
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CREDIT: @mbrunelli

In 2021, he's neatened up his look a bit and we are loving the blonde buzz.

Lizzie Sobinoff then
15 of 26

Lizzie's transformations is one of the biggest, if you ask us. From blonde with big lashes to...

Lizzie Sobinoff now
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CREDIT: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth

Brunette and...well she still loves a big lash, but we can't blame the gal.

Ines Basic then
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Poor Ines, no one wants to be called the C-word, especially on TV...

Ines Basic now
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CREDIT: Instagram @innnnnnes

Thankfully, Ines has moved on from the whole Bronson palaver unscathed and is now living her best influencer life - you go, hun.

Jessika Power then
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Jessika certainly wasn't afraid to stir up the drama on MAFS...

Jessika Power now
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Nowadays, she's switched up her 'do, opting for a bob, and she's back in the dating game. All that couple-switching on MAFS for nothing, eh?

Dino Hira then
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Bless him, Dino and Mel really didn't have much in common, did they?

Dino Hira now
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CREDIT: Instagram @dino_hira

Dino looks pretty similar, these days, but we're loving the unshaven look ud83dude0d.

Matthew Bennett then
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Looks like Matthew's been hitting the gym since he finished his stint on MAFS....

Matthew Bennett now
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CREDIT: Instagram @mattybgrateful

He may not be with Lauren, but Matthew is looking FAB and he seems all loved up with his new partner Bela Jameson.

Lauren Huntriss then
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Matthew may have told viewers that he wasn't attracted to Lauren, but we think she's looking gorg.

Lauren Huntriss now
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CREDIT: Instagram @laurenhuntriss

Just LOOK at that winged liner.

When is Married At First Sight series 7 on in the UK?

While we don't know an exact start date just yet, E4 says we can expect the new season to land 'this summer.'

They teased, "The popular dating show sees a whole new bunch of singles go on the journey of their lifetime by going on bucks night for the boys, and hens night for the ladies. Our couples will then say ‘I do’ after meeting each other for the first time on their wedding day.

"But that’s just the start, after the celebrations are over, their relationships will really be put to the test as they go on a luxury honeymoon, before moving in with each other AND their fellow couples."

How can I watch Married At First Sight series 7 in the UK?

As with series 6, the show will air on E4. We're assuming we'll be getting our daily fix every weeknight, though we wouldn't say no to the entire thing being chucked on All 4 for a proper, back-to-back binge.

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How can I catch up on Married At First sight series 6?

If you haven't hopped on board the hype (where have you been, please?), all is not lost. You can catch up on the latest series on Channel 4's streaming platform All 4.

Speaking of its success, Channel 4 boasted, "Married at First Sight Australia series 6 is currently drawing a huge consolidated average audience of 1.3m viewers and a 6.0% share of audience and 14.0% 16-34 share. The series has been the biggest All 4 title every week since launch."

Can't bloody wait, mate.

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