Remember Maxine Barlow from Waterloo Road? She has a very chilled new job…

Ellie Paskell new role was much needed in the school, frankly

Maxine from Waterloo Road

by Angelica Daujotas |

Best friend to the iconic Janeece, and taken in by our favourite teacher Steph, Maxine Barlow aka Max left a massive hole in our hearts after her tragic death in season four.

Maxine went through a lot during her time at Waterloo Road, from drug addiction, homelessness and the stillbirth of her daughter, actor Ellie Paskell delivered a 10/10 performance in every episode.

With the announcement that Waterloo Road is returning at some point this year, this may have got you wondering what Ellie's been up to this past decade.

Maxine Barlow now
Max went through a lot in her time on the show ©YouTube

Where is Waterloo Road's Maxine now?

Having acted since her early childhood, Ellie Paskell has played lead roles and featured in tv dramas and films, including Waterloo Road, Casualty, Shameless and Holby City. Ellie has also made appearances in London's West End.

Now also a filmmaker, her short film, Emoticon, won the Raindance Film Festival 15 second Horror competition.

Ellie is currently taking time to focus on her work as a Somatic Soul Coach and mindfulness teacher. On her website, Ellie reveals she's spent years away from modern culture, listening to and learning from her body and guiding others to do the same.

Ellie Paskell now
Ellie now works as mindfulness teacher ©Instagram

What episode of Waterloo Road does Maxine die in?

Maxine died in the arms of her best friend Janeece and foster mum (and Waterloo Road teacher) Steph in series four, episode eight.

Did Waterloo Road's Maxine get shot?

Having formed a relationship with fellow Waterloo Road pupil and known bad boy, Earl Kelly (Sambuca Kelly's brother), and after trying to break things off, Earl turned violent and shot Maxine in the stomach, ending her life.

Maxine moments before her tragic death

Was Waterloo Road's Maxine pregnant?

Yes, Maxine had fallen pregnant with on and off boyfriend Lewis Seddon's child but kept it a secret from everyone.

Then in series three, while students were participating in an archaeological dig on the school playing fields, while digging they discovered what was later confirmed to be the skeleton of a human baby. Police were involved and students were eager to find who the mother could have been.

As Maxine's best friend, Janeece, wondered out loud who the mother could be, Maxine admitted that it was her child that she had with Lewis while homeless and on drugs. Janeece informed Maxine's foster mum, Steph, and Maxine explained that her daughter was stillborn and that she named her Charlotte.

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