Megan McKenna updates fans on ‘pregnancy bloat’

The former TOWIE star recently sparked engagement rumours


by Marianna Manson |

Megan McKenna has addressed fan speculation that she’s pregnant by poking fun at her bloated belly on TikTok.

The former TOWIE star now has a successful country music career and has been busy living her absolute best life with far flung holidays and a dreamy new relationship (more on that later) after winning The X Factor: Celebrity back in 2019.

But one thing Megan hasn’t been busy doing is starting a family, as she was quick to prove when one TikTok follower asked if she was expecting.

“Megan are you pregnant?” they asked, “It looks like you have a cute bump x”.

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In response Megan posted another clip of herself poking out her bloated stomach alongside the initial commenter, and her loyal army of fans jumped to her defence.

“Real ones know she gets bloated from the argument over food on Ex on the Beach,” reads the most liked comment, with Megan herself replying, “Real talk”.

“Coeliac troubles girl, I feel ya x”, commented another, with one more writing, “✨ intolerant to everything vibes ✨ 😂”.

“I got that bloated the other day and it was horrible the pain I was in,” said another. “Everyone knows Megan has coeliac disease and can’t have gluten.”

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Megan Mckenna's first appearance in TOWIE in 2010

We recently spat out our Cheerios in shock when we saw a young Megan pop up on our screens while re-watching TOWIE season one on Netflix. She was auditioning for Jess Wright's band Lola, and even got hit on by Mark Wright himself!

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Another commenter pointed out, “People should never ask that question, but equally you shouldn’t joke about it,” with one more agreeing, “When is it ever OK to ask a woman this? Not even when the baby is coming out 😂.”

Despite being one of the most successful TOWIE alumni, Megan likes things relatively low key and keeps her personal life – and her relationships – off social media.

But she has recently enjoyed a month-long romantic getaway to the Maldives (oh, how the other half live) with her mystery man Josh Riley, who’s so private he keeps his face off social media and is known only as a London businessman.

It’s thought that Megan and Josh have been dating since 2020 when the couple got together after Josh wined and dined Megan on a number of swanky dinner dates, with things getting serious pretty quickly. It was previously claimed his family “welcomed her with open arms” and he “makes her feel very happy”.

Earlier this month a spokesperson for Megan was forced to deny rumours the couple had got engaged on their holidays after fans thought she’d revealed a huge sparkler on her ring finger.

“Megan took the video in selfie mode, so it flips the image,” they said. “The hand with the 4 rings on is actually her right hand.”

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