Who should be running scared of Mel C’s tell-all?

Unrest surrounding Sporty Spice's memoir has swept across showbiz faster than you can say 'Zig-a-zig-ah'

Spice Girls

by Charlotte Oliver |

Honestly, nothing strikes fear into the heart of an A-lister quite like discovering that a celebrity friend is releasing a tell-all book. So, unrest surrounding Mel C’s upcoming memoir has apparently swept across showbiz land faster than you can say, “Zig-a-zig-ah”.

According to insiders, Mel’s announcement has rattled the like of her fellow Spice Girls, including Posh; Robbie Williams, who had a brief dalliance with the singer in the ’90s; and practically everyone else who’s crossed her path over the past 25 years.

After all, the 48 year old prides herself on being honest, no matter what – and with her recent declaration that she finally feels “ready to tell my story”, her contemporaries are bracing themselves for what’s in store.

“The most important thing for Mel is that this autobiography is brutally honest and open,” says an insider close to the legend better known as Sporty Spice, whose book Who I Am: My Story will be published in September.

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Spice Girls

The Spice Girls formed in 1994 after replying to an advert posted in a trade magazine looking for singers and dancers.

“She’s being incredibly brave in opening up about herself and her journey, but unfortunately for some, it’s inevitable that a number of difficult moments from the past will crop up. All the big arguments she’s ever had with the Spice Girls will be mentioned – no one will come out unscathed, including Mel herself, as this book is all about owning up to your faults and accepting blame. But that hasn’t stopped Victoria from worrying about what Mel might say about her, while the other Spice Girls are concerned how any revelations could affect future reunions.”

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These days, all five Spice Girls are good friends, but let’s not forget they’ve known each other for over two decades and, as with any sisterhood, there will always be spats and squabbles along the way – especially rewinding back to the ’90s, when they were five untamed 20-somethings.

Mel’s already spoken in the past about her struggles with depression and an eating disorder, both of which put further strain on her relationships. Last week, while announcing the book, she herself said, “The last few years have given me an opportunity to reflect on the incredible career I’ve had and the huge obstacles I’ve managed to overcome.”

And while we’re told she’s not out to throw anyone under the bus, it’s almost inevitable those “obstacles” from the past – and the people involved – will cause some drama along the way.

Robbie Williams
The former Take That star having a laugh in 1996 after leaving the band ©Getty

“The chapter about her brief fling with Robbie could cause him some embarrassment,” says our source. “He was known as a bit of a hellraiser back then, and Mel isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She’s keeping a tight lid on what she’s writing for now, but we should all brace ourselves for a blisteringly honest read.”

When can we pre-order our copy?

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