Love Island’s Paige Thorne breaks silence on Dami Hope romance speculation

Is there something about Paige and Dami?

Paige Thorne Dami Hope

by Ben Pulsford |

Were we the only ones who were a little gutted that Paige’s and Dami’s families didn’t have a quick five minutes yesterday? After all they've been through (in our heads).

We’re not ones to wish bad vibes on pre-existing couples (ESPECIALLY Dami and Indiyah ❤️), but there has always been something about Paige Thorne and Dami Hope, hasn’t there? Like, we all want someone to look at us the way Dami looked at Paige as she left the villa last night.

In all seriousness, Dami was clearly distraught at Paige's departure, which makes sense as the pair have been close friends since day one, supporting each other through the good and the bad times time and time again.

Paige adam collard
Paige and Adam were dumped from the villa last night ©ITV ©©ITV

"Have you seen me and Dami together?"

The pair had one of the strongest platonic relationships of the series, but this is Love Island hunni bun, so naturally these two have got the rumour mill spinning on more than one occasion. One of those occasions being last night, when not only did Paige gush over Dami to her parents during the staple 'Meet the Parents' episode, but she shared her true feelings towards the Irish hunk on spin-off show Aftersun, shortly after being dumped from the villa.

While talking about how much all this year's Islanders get along, Paige asked her mum, "Have you seen me and Dami together? He's my boy."

Adam and Paige leave the villa. ©ITV ©©ITV

We're not one to put words into people's mouths either, but Paige's mum seemed a tad more Team Daige than Team Aaige. Ick. Both teams sound just awful, don't they? Say what you want about about Gemma and Luca, but Lemma just works.

Following Paige's and Adam's departure from the villa, the pair were whisked away to the Aftersun studios (which now seems to be right outside the villa doors – which means Dami and Paige could totally Romeo and Juliet this if #dramz and feelings took over) to spill some Love Island tea with host Laura Whitmore.

Dami Hope Love Island

During the interview, Paige was asked if Adam wasn't in the picture, would Dami be an option? Said questioner doesn't work for us, but now has an open invite to come and freelance for us in the future.

Paige responded (in hysterics), "Can you imagine? Not at all. This boy in Casa... no.

She clarified, "We can stay friends. I love him but, boy, no."

Okay, but what if he had behaved himself in Casa Amor, Paige? See that? That's a glimmer of hope... Dami Hope.

Social media is clearly getting a whiff of something, too.

One fan wrote, ""Have you seen me and Dami together" ?????? that is what you say to your parents??? Paige needs to be less obsessed #LoveIsland

The Love Island memes speak for themselves.

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