S Club Juniors now: what are the up to these days?

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Frankie Sandford, Jay Asforis, Daisy Evans, Calvin Goldspink, Stacey McClean, Aaron Renfree, Hannah Richings, and Rochelle Wiseman

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Did you have One Step Closer constantly on repeat back in 2001?

Following on from S Club 7's legendary legacy, the S Club Juniors (then S Club 8) entered the noughties music scene, and of course landed with some fantastic hits that we can still recall the lyrics to.

The whole nation remembers dancing in their living rooms to S Club favourites, One Step Closer, Automatic High, Fool No More and, of course, New Direction.

Frankie Bridge, Rochelle Humes
Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes were formerly band members of S Club 8 ©Getty

And since the eight juniors formed together TWENTY years ago, (wow), there have been some marriages, plenty of babies and many successful solo careers in music, stage, film and television.

Now, two decades, down the line, here we are looking back at the famous kids, and seeing where they are now.

So, out of Frankie Bridge (Sandford), Jay Asforis, Daisy Evans, Calvin Goldspink, Stacey McClean, Aaron Renfree, Hannah Richings, and Rochelle Humes (Wiseman), let us see who really 'made it' and who definitely looked the cutest back then.

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You've GOT to see what S Club Juniors look like now ud83dude31

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Frankie Sandford then

Frankie was arguably the lead singer of the group before joining bandmate Calvin Goldspink to form their side project. The duo, going under the name Frankie & Calvin (inspired), released one single, Dreaming, charting at number 19 in 2004.

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Frankie Bridge now

Well, hasn't Frankie done well? Alongside fellow Junior Rochelle, she joined The Saturdays and released a string of absolute bangers, hitting number 1 with Sean Paul collab What About Us in 2013. She also finished in second place on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014. Frankie married footballer Wayne Bridge in 2014 and is mother to their two songs Parker and Carter.In 2021 she followed in the footsteps of hubby Wayne and signed up to the Covid-secure version of I'm a Celeb in North Wales, competing to become Queen of Grwcyh Castle.

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Rochelle Wiseman then

We're not gonna lie, Rochelle gave us major hair envy back in the day.

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Rochelle Humes now

After trying her hand at presenting (CBBC's Smile, anyone?) Rochelle joined fellow S Club Junior Frankie in The Saturdays alongside Mollie King, Una Healy and Vanessa White. She married JLS star Marvin Humes in 2012 and is mother to their two daughters Alaia-Mai and Valentina Raine. She's still very much into her presenting, too, with regular hosting slots on This Morning.

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Calvin Goldspink then

In the early noughties, Calvin single-handedly kept hairspray manufacturers in business.

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Calvin Goldspink now

Calvin's since moved to Hollywood, is working on new music and has made quite the name for himself in the acting world. Not only did he make a cameo as Mollie King's date on The Saturdays' E! reality telly show Chasing The Saturdays (LOL), but he's also played James Middleton in Lifetime's film William and Kate: The Movie. Also, he's really fit.

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Aaron Renfree then

Aaron's vocals on the Don't Tell Me You're Sorry chorus, though. NEVER FORGET.

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Aaron Renfree now

Aaron's still BFFs with loads of the Juniors, particularly Frankie and Rochelle since he danced for The Saturdays on tour. He was also assistant choreographer and show director on The X Factor tours back in 2009 and 2010.

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Stacey McClean then

If you don't remember Automatic High - the S Club Juniors track Stacey sang lead on - you're not even worth knowing tbh. A classic.

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Stacey McClean now

You might remember Stacey from The X Factor 2009. She made it through to Dannii Minogue's judges' houses; but her rendition of Britney Spears' Sometimes didn't land her a place in the live shows. That hasn't deterred her, though; she's still gigging up and down the country. Oh, and she got married to her partner Fraser Franks in 2017.

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Daisy Evans then

Basically the reason we wanted to change our name to Daisy. We were impressionable, alright?

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Daisy Evans now

Daisy's since starred in MTV reality show Breaking From Above; which saw Beyoncé's dad Matthew Knowles form girl group From Above. They filmed a video for debut single Not the Same Girl, but it didn't exactly set the charts alight. Here she is pictured on her wedding day in 2015.

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Jay Asforis then

Remember baby-faced Jay Asforis...?

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Jay Perry now

Well he now goes by the name of Jay Perry, is absolutely ripped and works in the West End.

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Hannah Richings then

Fun fact: Hannah was the youngest of the group and wasn't actually originally chosen for S Club Juniors. She joined the band two days after the rest of 'em.

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Hannah Rawlings now

Hannah now works in Barclays Bank and, like Frankie and Rochelle, has two kids. Cute.

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