How to spring clean your beauty routine to freshen up your complexion

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Spring cleaning your skin

by Jade Moscrop |

The term 'spring cleaning' is synonymous with, well, spring - of course, but we often find the urge to purge our houses of clutter and mess at all times of the year. It's good for us, helping us to feel more organised, less stressed and more productive.

This idea can also be applied to our beauty cupboards, skincare routines and make-up bags. Be honest, how often do you really clean your make-up brushes?

If you feel as though your beauty regimen needs a little bit of a makeover, we've rounded up some of the best, most exciting and most useful products we think you should introduce to your beauty arsenal. We've also included their uses and benefits, too.

Keep reading to find out the steps you can take to freshen up your beauty routine.

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Step 1: Start small

First off, head to your make-up bag and get ready to be brutal. Anything you haven't used in six months, bin it. Anything that's out of date, bin it. Give your make-up bag a good clean out, and wipe down your products with anti-bacterial wipes, too. You use them every day, so just imagine how much grime is living on them.

Make sure to clean your make-up brushes at least once a week, as well as any sponges you have.

You can even treat yourself to a new make-up bag if you feel like it. Treat yourself.

How do you know if your make-up is out of date?

Like most things, make-up has an expiration date. Using products past this date not only means the product won't be working as well as it used to but could cause irritation and infections if bacteria spreads.

Luckily for you, there's a symbol on your products that lets you know when it's time to say goodbye. It looks like an open cream jar and will show 6m, 12m, 24m etc, giving you an idea of the product's shelf life. We all have products that slip through the net, but be honest, and throw out anything you know has been in your bag for too long.


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Step 2: Tackle the rest

We don't know about you, but we have drawers full of stuff that's either half used, almost empty, or saved for special occasions. Why do we keep almost empty things? No idea. If you're a hoarder, it's time to have a clear out.

Eyeshadow palettes are good for around two years, but if you can't bear to part with yours just yet or have barely touched it since buying it, you can scrape off the top layer or use a little bit of alcohol and a clean brush to sanitise them.

Investing in a drawer or desk organiser can help to keep your collection looking good, and makes you feel like you have your life together, obviously.

Step 3: Try something new

If your beauty routine doesn't inspire you, try something new! Whether it's a new face wash, fancy gadget or a palette, treat yourself, girl. Not only will this give you a new lease of life to stick to your skin care plan, but it'll keep your skin looking and feeling fresh all year round.

Step 4: Stay on top of it

Dedicate some time each month to staying on top of your newly organised beauty collection, remembering to clean your brushes at least once a week, throwing out any old products and discover new favourites.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us
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