heat’s Stars Dress Up 2020 is here and it’s the best one yet

After the year we've had, we could all do with a laugh...

heat's Stars Dress Up 2020

by Nathan Katnoria |

It's always a bit of a challenge persuading celebs to get their kits off and change into unflattering - and quite often humiliating - costumes to recreate the iconic images of the year. In the midst of a pandemic, it was an even bigger challenge. But thanks to five amazing celebs, super-professional hair, make-up, styling, photography and videography teams, and lots of masks and social distancing, we were able to go ahead with our festive tradition. A Christmas miracle!

BEHOLD: heat's Stars Dress Up 2020


heat's Stars Dress Up 2020

Alan Carr Angellica Bell Joe Biden Kamala Harris
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CREDIT: Simon Webb/heat magazine

Alan: "This photo symbolises so much hope, so it was a no-brainer to do this year. And I thought I've got to get Angellica, one of my best friends, to be Kamala. Thank God you said yes - you're perfect!"Angellica: "I just thought it was a real honour, because she is amazing - such a trailblazer, and someone we can all look up to."Alan: "Angellica Bell and the Man from Del Monte! We're going to use this as our Christmas card next year."

Alan Carr Joe Biden
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CREDIT: Simon Webb/heat magazine

Alan: "Lets hope people see this and still feel hope, instead of doom. If people say that this is the worst thing to have happened in 2020, I'll be really pissed off!"

Angellica Bell Kamala Harris
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CREDIT: Simon Webb/heat magazine

Angellica: "I'm going to start a trend for white suits next year."

Alex and Olivia Bowen Normal People
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CREDIT: Simon Webb/heat magazine

Olivia: "We haven't seen Normal People, but my mum is obsessed with it. And now I've found out it's really racy, and I'm like, 'Well, that's gross!' When I told my mum we were doing this, she was so excited. She was like, 'Oh, I want to do that!' So, you've got someone for next year if you need it. But, no, she's been raving about the show, so after this, we're going to have to watch it."Alex: "I hope it lives up to the hype, because I've heard so many good things about it. I can't believe Connell's chain has its own Instagram account. I don't think there will be one for my necklace, but we'll see!"Olivia: 'I'm going to start it - and I'll be the first follower."

AJ Pritchard Joe Exotic
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CREDIT: Simon Webb/heat magazine

"Of course I watched Tiger King - I got into it way too much. Joe Exotic or Carol Baskin? I'm on Joe's side - look at me, I wouldn't do this for many people! The wig is more than a statement, it's a way of life. I also love a jazzy shirt. When you see me wearing this on Instagram, you'll know I've really taken to it - probably a bit too much."

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All the goss from our festive shoots

We didn't realise Alan Carr and Angellica Bell were such good friends, but apparently they have Angellica's husband Michael Underwood to thank for that. Alan and Michael met when they were 13 and the only boys in drama class at school in Northampton - sweet! Al and Ange are a real hoot together, and Al reckons they should have their own show. Take not, TV big-wigs. We'd watch.

Little did we know a brunette wig would cause such a stir. After Olivia posted a cheeky shot from our set on her Instagram feed, people went wild, speculating who the mysterious girl with Alex was. Relax, guys, it's just Olivia channelling her inner Marianne.

While health and safety wouldn't permit us to get a real tiger for our shoot (boring!), our stuffed toy was a good stand-in on the day. But whereas tigers may be Joe Exotic's best friend, AJ told us he was leaving us to go and see his new bezzer - I'm A Celeb castlemate Sir Mo Farah. Apparently, the pair bonded over doing the more physical chores around the castle. AJ seemed sweetly starstruck at the thought of the 2012 Olympic ledge becoming a friend for life.

For more festive LOLs, check out the Christmas double issue of heat magazine - OUT NOW.

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