Khloe Kardashian fangirls over Strictly’s Maisie Smith and we’re shook

Do the Kardashians watch Strictly? 😱

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by Lucy Smith |

Khloe Kardashian has taken to social media to reach out to Maisie Smith and fans are in total shock.

Maisie, who's currently competing in this year's Strictly Come Dancing, opened up about being insecure on her Instagram last week and, in the biggest twist of 2020, Khloe commented on the post over the weekend, telling the EastEnders actress that she's "gorgeous!!!!!! ❤️."

We have so many questions.

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Sharing photos of herself with bare legs in lycra shorts, Maisie wrote, "The past few years I’ve been VERY insecure about my legs. I covered them up as much possible. No matter how many people told me 'cellulite is natural.. everyone has it..' I still hated them."

She continued, "It’s taken me a while but I’m starting to accept these aspects of myself that I’ve always seen as 'flaws'.

"I wore gym shorts (out of the house) for the FIRST time a couple of months ago n I was so so proud of myself 💘."

What comes next will SHOCK you. Well, not really because we kind of already told you BUT...

Then Khloe K, of all people, replied to Maisie's emotional post, telling her, "You have the most beautiful legs!!!!! 😍Envy worthy!!!

"I can not build my legs for the life of me! So I’m drooling over yours 🤤."

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Fans couldn't get over the comment, to which Maisie nonchalantly replied, "Thanks chicken x."

Khloe's comment racked up over 60 different replies from fans, most of which were regarding Maisie's chill AF reply.

Seriously though, imagine calling Khloe K "chicken" 😂.

"I love you stayed northern and called @khloekardashian chicken 😂 that’s my girl 😍," wrote one fan.

"Not the crossover I expected today," added another.

Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, folks, it's to expect the unexpected.

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