Molly Mae Hague drops HUGE hint she’s engaged to Tommy Fury

Is that a ring we see, Molly? 💍

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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury fans are convinced they are engaged after seeing one of her Insta stories, that she swiftly deleted.

While there have been rumours floating around for ages, coming to a head when Tommy flew Molly-Mae over to New York for New Year's Eve (there was no engagement though, sob), this is perhaps the most promising piece of evidence to date.

Molly posted a snap of herself carrying a bunch of flowers on Instagram and fans were convinced Tommy must have popped the question as her left hand was covered up by a white heart emoji.

She then posted a different picture of her in which her left hand was visible, but sadly there was no ring.

She captioned the post, "First new house selfie ( I’ll stop going on about it soon 🙃)."

From this it seems Molly and Tommy are not engaged at the moment, although we have a feeling that won't be the case for long.

Both Molly and Tommy have been talking about marriage for ages and we have multiple reasons to believe 2022 could be the year...

Fans of the Love Island 2019 couple were CONVINCED that Tommy was going to drop down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to be his wife during a surprise trip to New York at the end of 2021.

Some even made Tik Toks on the subject:

So much so that many couldn’t even sleep as they wondered whether Tommy could pop the questions in the early hours (New York is five hours behind fyi), "Couldn’t sleep last night at all with all the worry about whether Molly mae was going to be getting engaged tonight or not."

Another said, "Molly Mae got a fresh set of nails and Tommy surprised her with a holiday to New York, I’m ready for the engagement vlog."

Despite all the hoping, Tommy and Molly appeared to not get engaged on New Years Eve and decided to watch the fireworks in their pyjamas instead.


We’ve rounded up all the clues that 2022 could be the year we see Molly-Mae finally get that ring on her finger…

Spending time away together

Over Christmas, Molly and Tommy were separated AGAIN as Molly travelled from Manchester to her hometown of Hertfordshire to spend a few days with her family. Despite busying herself as she arranged to surprise her mum with a brand new car for a present, Molly was clearly pining for Tommy.

At the very end of the vlog, Molly was seen cuddling Tommy in bed after he drove HOURS to surprise her on Christmas day. Closing the video, Molly and Tommy made a pact to never be away from each other over the festive period ever again.

Surely a clue, right?

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The ring

The couple have been spotted ring shopping on a few occasions, with Molly admitting that she has had an input. Because of course she has.

Molly’s life plan

In May 2020, Molly-Mae took to her YouTube page to reveal she's told Tommy not to propose to her, because the pair are just 'too young'.

She said, "Tommy would literally propose to me tomorrow if I would let him but I keep saying to him, 'No, let's just wait, let's just wait,' because I'm too young.

"It will happen one day, it's something we can look forward to together, so I just wanna leave it for another day.

"But marriage and kids are two things that will happen soon, hopefully. But, when I say soon I don't mean next week!"

That was almost TWO years ago.

In April 2021, Tommy fulled the fire ever more when he was questioned about when he plans on proposing to Molly-Mae on Instagram, Tommy grinned and answered 'sooner than you think', before giving followers a cheeky wink.

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They need some positive news

In December, Tommy was dealt a blow when he had to cancel his highly-anticipated fight with YouTuber Jake Paul. He received a lot of flack and credited Molly for getting him through the tough time.

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The couple are also still getting to used to life following a devastating home break-in in October as an 'experienced gang' robbed them of almost all of their belongings. Molly recently teased that they may have found their dream home, but her life has changed forever as she has to now spend a fortune on close protection security.

A physic said so...

Celebrity physic Sally Morgan thinks 2022 is going to be a huge year for Molly and Tommy, telling OK! that a pregnancy is on the horizon.

Molly has always said that she wants to be married before having kids, so....

What do you all think?

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