How Victoria Beckham masterminded her boys’ new careers

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Victoria Beckham Brooklyn Romeo careers

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen the name Beckham on the back of a football shirt, but last week, 19-year-old Romeo made his debut in the US for third-tier club Fort Lauderdale.

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Romeo started in the midfield position for the reserve team and played alongside fellow Brit Harvey Neville. And while it’s interesting to know that Harvey’s dad Phil Neville is the head coach at Inter Miami, and David is the owner of the club, an insider close to the Beckham family tells us it’s actually Victoria who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Victoria Beckham Brooklyn Romeo careers
Romeo is following in dad David's footsteps ©Getty

“Posh has been hugely influential in getting Romeo on the team,” we’re told. “It might have seemed like she was pushing him into it, but really, she’s helped him find direction and commit when he was holding off on making a decision.”

While Romeo was initially interested in tennis, our source tells us he was also keen to follow in his dad’s footsteps and make him proud. “Romeo was a little uncertain over his career options for a lot of reasons, and like all teenagers, he had his head in the clouds trying to decide on future plans,” our source says.

“His first love was tennis, and while he was an amazing player, he didn’t really have what it took to be a ranked pro, so he switched to football a few years ago. He didn’t go into it with quite the same passion, but it is in his blood, after all. His mum encouraged him to see this as a real career option because he can play, help his dad build the club, and use the time to explore other options on a good salary.”

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David and Victoria Beckham's best couple moments ever (slider)

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David and Victoria land at Heathrow serving absolute airport outfit goals. Good to see David's sunglasses are all over Urban Outfitters rn, too. It all comes back around, eh?

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January 1998

The happy couple announce their engagement.

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June 1999

David and Victoria leave Down Hall Hotel with their newborn son Brooklyn.

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June 1999

Who could forget the ICONIC matching leathers at the opening of Versace Couture Jeans Boutique in London?

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July 1999

Becks and Victoria Adams (yup) leave her parents' Hertfordshire home and head to Ireland for their wedding.

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August 2000

David supports Victoria at the Virgin Megastores signing of her debut solo single Out of Your Mind with True Steppers and Dane Bowers. Cute.

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April 2003

Oh hey, baby Romeo Beckham. The couple's second son was born on 1st September 2002.

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May 2003

Not so much a relationship milestone, more a prime example of David and Victoria's hilariously-noughties matchy-matchy looks at the MTV Movie Awards in LA.

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November 2003

David picks up his OBE at Buckingham Palace. Victoria then totally took the piss out of press claiming she was jealous of his award in the video for her single Let Your Head Go.

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February 2005

David arrives at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid with flowers after Victoria gives birth to the pair's third son Cruz.

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June 2006

Just a hilarious pic of Brooklyn Beckham. AS YOU WERE.

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July 2007

Remember VB's ITV2 show Victoria Beckham: Coming to America? Classic.

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August 2008

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz join dad David on stage at the Teen Choice Awards in LA. Adorable.

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September 2008

His and hers 'Signature' fragrance, anyone?

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December 2010

Obsessed with Victoria's look at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2010, tbh.

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September 2012

David's photographed carrying daughter Harper, who was born on 10th July 2011.

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December 2012

David, Victoria and the boys attend the launch of Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! (but VB refused to arrived with her four bandmates, awks.)

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May 2014

The pair give their matchy '03 MTV Movie Awards look a 2014 update at the Met Gala.

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November 2015

Lookin' all sophisticated at the British Fashion Awards.

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May 2018

The jammy buggers only went and got an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, didn't they?

Victoria Beckham Brooklyn Romeo careers
Posh is also pushing Brooklyn's culinary career ©Getty

And like a true momager, Posh is more than happy to handle two careers at once. Fans of 22-year-old Brooklyn will have noticed the sometime-photographer has been moving into the culinary world. He’s often showing off his skills in the kitchen on Instagram, and it seems that Victoria is keen for him to capitalise on it.

“Posh is pushing for a big career break on Facebook or YouTube that would see Brooklyn do an ‘at-home’ chef series – basically a take on Jamie Oliver, but for the US audiences,” our insider reveals. “David is behind Brooklyn, but he would like him to do a course or something, to protect him from any backlash. He’s worried it will lead to criticism if he doesn’t do some training, and family friend Gordon Ramsay agrees with him.”

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The Ramsays have long been good friends of the Beckhams, and it seems celebrity chef Gordon is concerned about Brooklyn’s potential new career. “Gordon thinks Brooklyn is great, and he’s a big cheerleader for the youngster, offering to mentor him through this and providing great advice, but he’s also said that the business idea won’t succeed unless Brooklyn takes it seriously,” our source explains.

“He’s told Brooklyn that he’ll run out of steam fast unless he can develop the skills needed, and he won’t be respected in the industry, either. David knows about the hard work it took for both him and Victoria to establish their own careers, so he’s keen for Brooklyn to follow suit.”

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