Victoria Beckham: ‘It’s all ruined’

Will there be an empty seat at the Beckhams' Xmas table?

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For the past three Christmases, Victoria Beckham’s had no choice but to begrudgingly accept her eldest son and daughter-in-law’s absence around their festive Cotswolds dinner table. But after what has seemed like a turning point in Beckham-Peltz relations of late, following their much-reported feud, we’re told Posh was banking on 2023 being the year Brooklyn and his wife Nicola would finally spend Christmas in the UK with his family, as opposed to celebrating with hers in the US.

heat’s source says that VB and Christmas enthusiast David have been planning a huge family celebration in their £12million countryside home this year. And, our source says, it’s important to them to have Brooklyn, 24, and Nicola, 28, with them this year.

“Brooklyn has spent the last few years doing Christmas with his ‘new family’, which has been really hard for Vic,” our insider shares. “Now things have settled down, she and David were very much hoping they would join them in the UK. It means so much to both Vic and David to be able to do a big happy family Christmas together. They sent out the invite early, making clear how important it was to have Brooklyn and Nicola with them.”

Since the young couple – who have lived in Florida for several years – tied the knot in 2022 at Nicola’s family’s mammoth estate, they have spent very little time in the UK. As they embraced life as newlyweds, rumours spread of a feud between Victoria and Nicola over her wedding dress. But fallout rumours have been quashed this year thanks to several well-documented family get-togethers with Brooklyn and Nicola present. But it seems the joviality may not extend to the festive season, as our source says there is still a question mark over whether the pair will make the journey over to the UK for the big day.

“Brooklyn was 100 per cent committed and excited about spending Christmas with his family,” we’re told. “He even agreed with his dad about how important it was to do the ‘every other year’ approach and wanting to be involved and close again. At the time, he said it was good with Nicola, too, and that she was excited to be coming over. But as the date gets nearer, there are no firm plans in place and Brooklyn has got a little stressed about it.”

It is a long-running tradition of former footballer David, 48, and Posh, 49, to spend Christmas in their countryside pad with Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and Harper, 12. We’re told that a pre-Christmas Day bash at Guy Ritchie’s home, a get together at Soho Farmhouse, and a grandiose Christmas Day are all in the works, followed by a New Year trip to Miami. But it seems there’s a Nelson Peltz-shaped spanner in the works, which could stop his daughter and Brooklyn from heading back to the UK.

“Nicola feels it will upset her dad for them not to be there, as it’s very important for him to have his kids around over the holidays,” we’re told. “Since Brooklyn’s family will be coming to Miami for New Year, he feels they can celebrate then, but Brooklyn is caught in the middle and is feeling pressure from both sides. He feels bad because they had promised family and friends they’d be there and he was looking forward to it – and he’s also pretty annoyed, too, as he’s now feeling that he’s not getting much of a say in it.”

The source says that VB was in despair last year after Nicola refused to spend Christmas with them for the second time running, adding, “They know Brooklyn wants Nicola to be happy and finds it hard to make plans that might go
against her wishes.” With this year’s big day approaching, we’re told the anguish over the prospect of another 25
December without Brooklyn has increased tenfold. And, despite Victoria feeling as though he and Nicola owe them a visit, she is starting to see it as a lose-lose situation.

"Vic feels like she can’t win and that Christmas is pretty much ruined whatever happens,” we’re told. “Even if Brooklyn and Nicola do come, Vic worries they’ll feel like they’ve been forced to be there, potentially creating a horrible atmosphere. She so wanted Christmas to be perfect this year, but she now feels that her only choices are to have them there knowing that she pushed them into it, which means Nicola will mostly likely be unhappy, or to not have Brooklyn there at all yet again.”

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But her husband of 24 years is not backing down without a fight. We’re told, “David is furious and feels that Brooklyn and Nicola should be there. He doesn’t care if speaking out about it upsets them, but Vic doesn’t want another huge drama.”

Sounds like a typical family Christmas…

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