Plumped up Posh: the secret behind Victoria Beckham’s new pout

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: has she had work done?

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Here’s a question, readers: have you perfected your Posh pout? We only ask because Victoria Beckham’s been working around the clock to get your lips extra- glossy and looking fuller than a washing machine on laundry day.

The fashion mogul – who’s been making a big splash over the past year with her Victoria Beckham Beauty line – took to Instagram last week to promote her brand-new beauty bundles, which include a lipstick, lip gloss and lip definer, and she also used the opportunity to show fans just how she achieves her trademark pout.

But while the 47 year old swore by the benefits of using her VB brand lip liner and gave a tutorial to achieve the look, some fans were left questioning whether she’d had some extra help along the way.

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“So, I just want to show you how I create my fuller pout,” Posh began in dulcet tones, as she spoke to her disciples in an Insta clip while tracing a lip liner pencil around her mouth.

“I do already have lipstick on, but I want to create a fuller pout. What I do is I go around the outside of my lip and then along the bow. Rather than accentuating the arch, I tend to do a straight line. I then tend to reapply this throughout the day.”

In another clip, she told followers, while pouting for the camera, “I’ve created some amazing bundles, perfect for cuddles, snuggles and kisses.”

But while Vic was all about using make-up to accentuate her famous features, her Insta clips sparked debate over just how natural the results truly were.


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One follower commented, “I love and admire you, Victoria, but those lip fillers are way too much,” while another weighed in, “Vicky, babes, it’s filler. You are so pretty, you really don’t need it.” A third added, “You are more beautiful without the lip filler. Sorry, I normally never say this stuff, but I like you too much, had to say it.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Posh’s pout has been under scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.

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Last October, during a media blitz in the US, Victoria seemed to be rocking an extra-plump one, as she made appearances on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and LIVE With Kelly And Michael – again prompting fans to question whether she’d turned to lip filler.

Headlines at the time asked Victoria, “What happened to your face?”

The mum of four has remained defiant, and keeps plugging her lip-boosting products without commenting on any rumours. As for all those doubters getting lippy about her “natural” look, she’s simply letting her super-lined mouth do the talking and sending VB kisses along the way.

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