Victoria Beckham was WEIGHED by Chris Evans on live television two months after birth of Brooklyn

The Spice Girl has slammed the nineties presenter for his treatment

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Victoria Beckhamhas hit out at Chris Evans for forcing her to step on the scales two months after she welcomed her first son Brooklyn.

The Spice Girl appeared on Chris’ Channel 4 show TFI Friday in 1999, where the presenter quizzed her on how she got back into shape so quickly after birth.

“Is your weight back to normal?” he asked Victoria, 48, after she explained she had been “lazy” and not gone to the gym.

Despite the then-new mum insisting she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight Chris, 41, said, “Can I check, do you mind?”

Astonishingly, Chris placed the scales in front of Victoria and remarked, “Eight stone’s not bad at all is it?” after she stepped on.

Dwelling on the eyebrow-raising moment in a new interview with Vogue Australia, the fashion designer believes nothing of the sort would happen today.

“I went on a TV show with Chris Evans many years ago and I'd just had Brooklyn and lost a lot of weight after. It happened to my mum after her pregnancies. It doesn't mean you have an eating disorder. And he made me stand on the scales to be weighed. Can you imagine doing that nowadays?” she recalled.

In the upcoming edition of Vogue, the mum of four detailed how her body image has been pulled apart and nit-picked.

“I've had 'Porky Posh', I've had 'Skeletal Posh'. After I had Brooklyn, there was a picture pointing to every single part of my body where I had to focus on losing the weight from,” she explained.

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victoria and brooklyn in 1999 ©getty images

The wife of football hero David Beckham gave an insight into her “really positive” exercise regime last September.

While many of us are pressing snooze for the second - maybe tenth, depending on who you are – time, the fitness fanatic rises between 5.30am and 6am in preparation to run 7km on the treadmill.

“That’s the only time I watch TV – boxsets, documentaries – so I look forward to that. It takes 45 minutes,” she told The Guardian.

Posh isn’t done there. She follows up with a toning and conditioning session with a personal trainer.

Phew, we’re exhausted just hearing about it!

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