Wes Nelson opens up about mental health following Love Island experience

Looks like his private life is going to stay just that from now on...

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by Daisy Hall |

Although we can’t wait for Love Island to return to our screens this month, 2018 Islander Wes Nelson has revealed that he’s struggled with his mental health since being on the show and rising to fame so rapidly.

Wes and his then-girlfriend Megan Barton Hanson finished in fourth place on the summer 2018 series and continued their relationship on the outside world before rumours surrounding Wes’ closeness to his Dancing on Ice partner, Vanessa, led to their split in January 2019.

Later that year, Wes started dating model and another Love Island alum Arabella Chi, but they split in April 2020 after nine months of dating.

Since then, Wes has realised the online comments surrounding his love life were causing his struggle with his mental health and has vowed to keep his future romances out of the spotlight.

He explained to MailOnline, “I’ve made the discovery that being so open and honest with relationships online didn’t help with my mental health. And it didn’t help with the relationships’ health."

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Wes - who is focusing on his music career after signing a major label record deal last year - continued, "So, for me, I keep everything private. I like to keep it to myself.”

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Despite struggling with a spotlight on his relationships, Wes insisted that he has no regrets over his time on Love Island and offered some advice to those who have applied for the 2021 show.

He said, “It sounds so plain and generic but be unapologetically yourself. People have an idea of how they should be, or Islanders they’ve seen and they try and replicate that, but the show highlights people who are playing games.”

Wes continued, “People respect people who are unapologetic with their decisions. Take a leaf out of my book and go for it, the public will forgive you.”

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