Big Brother’s Chanelle Bowen: her age, job and Instagram

The OG reality TV show is BACK


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The time has finally come, Big Brother is back; it's giving noughties nostalgia and we are here for it.

We don't have a 'Nasty Nick,' fiasco just yet, it is only day three after all, but there has still been a fair bit of drama.

From #salmongate to Jenkin Edwards' suitcase being literally blown up, we already feel that the Big Brother reboot is set to be one for the history books.

big brother cast 2023
the cast of big brother 2023 ©itv

One housemate who hasn't taken kindly to some of Big Bro's tasks is Chanelle Bowen.

During the challenge titled "Big Brother's Big Brilliant Line Up Game," which, can we just add is an unnecessary mouthful but whatever, Chanelle was selected as one of the 'least kind,' by fellow housemate Tom and she was NOT happy about it.

In classic Big Brother style, Chanelle took to the diary room to vent her frustration.

"I don't think you're going to be a very nice person if that's how you're going to act like," she confessed.

In Tom's defence she wasn't completely last and he DID have to pick someone to go at the end - that honour went to Hallie by the way.

Who is Chanelle Bowen?

Chanelle is one of the OG Big Brother housemates set to rule our screens this autumn.

How old is Chanelle Bowen?

She is 29 years old.

AJ, Will and Chanelle
Chanelle on launch night ©Photo by Shutterstock for Big Brother (14141510ak) AJ Odudu, Will Best and Chanelle 'Big Brother', Show 1, UK - 08 Oct 2023

Where is Chanelle Bowen from?

Welsh born Chanelle is from Llanelli in Wales.

Why does Chanelle Bowen do?

She works as a dental therapist and even has a first class honours degree.

Chanelle revealed that this often shocks people "because I think often people will judge me by my blonde hair and are surprised. I’m quite book smart but I have no common sense so when I tell people I got first class honours, they're like, ‘Did you pay someone for that?’."

Rude, we got you Chanelle.

Chanelle Bowen
Chanelle is an OG housemate ©ITV

Why did Chanelle Bowen apply for Big Brother?

The housemate admitted she wasn't serious about the application to start with.

"I only applied as a joke," she confessed, "now that I'm going in, I'm doing it for myself, for the experience and to make friends for life. Something that was a joke has now materialised into real life!"

Who would be Chanelle Bowen's ideal housemate?

"Maybe Channing Tatum, Magic Mike," she admitted.

And for what reason, Chanelle? The illuminating conversation? His sweet nature?

"So I could just sit there and look at him."

Yeah, fair enough.

Does Chanelle Bowen have Instagram?

Yup but it is currently set to private: @chanellebowen.

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