Love Island’s Gemma and Luca reveal what they HATED about villa life

But evidence suggests that was a BIG FAT LIE

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It all comes out now, doesn't it?

Honestly, these are some of our favourite weeks of the year. You'd think they would be the worst, as we're in a Love Island drought and thirsty af, but no. We LOVE it because all Islanders have been let loose from their production shackles, flown home and are feeling somewhat loose lipped as they get drunk on freedom.

We're looking at you, Gemma and Luca.

Luca Bish Gemma Owen

And now the couple have revealed there were certain things they absolutely DESPISED about the Love Island villa (and tbf, they lived there for two months, so they're more than qualified to comment). Where's that Movie Night popcorn when you need it?

Gemma and Luca have said exactly what they thought of their Majorca mansion (and let's not forget Gemma knows a thing or two about posh pads). When asked if they were to move in with each other, would they have anything Love Island themed in their home, the pair, frankly, came for the villa's interior designers.

And then bleached the crime scene.

love island villa

Gemma responded, "Absolutely no neons! It would be very neutral colours. No yellow beanbags", no doubt referring to this year's choice furnishings inside the villa.

Luca added, "At the end of Love Island I started moving the yellow pillows. I don’t think you’ll ever see me sitting next to a yellow pillow."

Somewhere out there, a Love island interior designer just lost their wings (hopefully not their job).

But...was that a lie?

Because what's that we spy in the garden of Michael Owen, Gemma's dad?

It's yellow, made of beans and shaped like a bag. It's a (drum roll, please) yellow bean bag.

Papa Owen probably got it in as a joke, tbf.

Love Island villa neon sign

And it could be that Luca will get to sit on it soon. When asked how they'll make the Brighton - Cheshire long distance thing work, Luca was keen to say he'd be moving up Gemma's end of the country.

"There is no middle ground - it’s Chester or nothing," Luca said.

"I’m happy to go wherever she wants me to go. I haven’t got too many commitments back home so it’s easier for me to move. Whatever makes us happy and whatever is right we’ll do. Hopefully if I move near her, in time we’ll get a place together."

Or maybe he could move into one of the wings of the Owen's £4million mansion? Or a stable? There must be some room going, right?

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