Gemma Owen’s mum has made her feelings about Luca known and it’s not looking good

Is the love story over before it's even begun? 😢

by Ben Pulsford |

If you thought Movie Night was Gemma and Luca's biggest relationship hurdle, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Love Island's Gemma Owen has made it very clear – to both Luca Bish and the general public – that when it comes to Team Gemma, her mum, Louise Owen is the captain and if she boots you off the team, you're OFF THE TEAM. We imagine they take things like that quite seriously in the Owen household.

This means that before Gemma and Luca Bish can make the move from 'I love you' to labelling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, mum Louise (who is married to British football legend Michael Owen) must and WILL have her say on Mr Bish. We assume Gem's horses will also get a say; a 'yay or nayyy', if you will.

Gemma has gone on and on about how close she is to mum Louise and how similar the pair are; so surely, if Gemma loves this Brighton fishmonger, mama will, too? Right? Not necessarily.


Gemma inadvertently shared her thoughts on the rife between Tasha Ghouri, Dami Hope and Luca following the infamous Snog, Marry, Pie challenge on Instagram. The boys were criticised by both Islanders (especially Tasha's boyfriend Andrew Le Page) and the public for being too harsh with Tasha when explaining their reasons for pieing her, with many accusing the boys of bullying – including Gemma's mum, it seems. Gulp.

Louise Owen came to defend Tasha – Gemma's best friend in the villa - commenting on Tasha's Instagram, "I hope Tasha is ok 🤍, I feel it's close to bullying now which is so sad to see 😢."

Although Louise isn't making a comment on Luca directly (we imagining she's got a fair bit of media training being an Owen), she has clearly clocked his behaviour and made her own judgements, which is worrying news for these young lovebirds.

The boys have since apologised to Tasha for their behaviour in the challenge and Tasha accepted the apology, so fingers crossed Louise has accepted this, too. No word yet as to whether the horses are aware of Luca's apology.

And during the family day in the villa, Gemma's mum didn't mention the infamous drama so who knows maybe Luca managed to win her over with his charm?

To be fair he did fish out the compliments when Louise entered the villa and perfect timing Luca, because your relationship went to penalties.

Look at us with all these footballing references.

Aside from a little blip with Billie exposed at Movie Night, Louise's apparent disappointment in Luca's behaviour with Tasha and Gemma and Luca arguing over licking Adam Collard's body in a challenge, things were relatively plain sailing for Gemma and Luca.

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Now they're out the villa let's see how things pan out...

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