Love Island’s Movie Night is BACK

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by Neve Durrant |

Love Island is known for throwing in a dramatic challenge or two over the years. We’ve seen tasks such as the tweet challenge – which uncover reactions from the public about the contestants, and therefore expose their actions – cause complete and utter carnage.

Last year, we were introduced Movie Night task which tricked the Islanders into watching past footage of themselves from the villa and many Love Island fans have been calling for its return after CARNAGE that this year's Casa Amor caused.


We were praying to the Love Island gods that they come through and deliver us with the juiciest episode of the series so far – movie night. After the Casa Amor girls received a little bit too much attention from Jacques O’Neill and Dami Hope, fans are calling for movie night to “expose” Dami Hope, Andrew Le Page and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu's naughty antics that they have yet been held accountable for.

Turns out all our prayers have been answered as the Movie Night is OFFICIALLY happening. TONIGHT.

In tonight's episode - that will also see TWO Islanders dumped from the villa by the public - Gemma Owen receives a text that reads, “It’s time to get glam and hit the red carpet as you attend Mad Movies the premiere! #SpillThePopcorn #ITV2andChill”

Dami then expresses that he is definitely going to make an appearence, saying, "Personally, I know I am starring in this movie!”

Ekin-Su, who got up to some mischief with Casa Amor's George Tasker, says to partner Davide, “If we pass this we’re fine.”

love island movie night
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The Islanders will take part in a cheeky quiz to earn the right to choose which clip plays. We are SALIVATING.

WATCH 'Gemma asked Billy to pull her for a chat' ALL the unseen Casa Amour antics right here!

What are Love Island producers saying about movie night?

On a question-and-answer forum on Reddit, an executive producer of the show explained, “We have published our duty of care protocols very publicly and we have an incredible welfare team on the series.

“I agree we have to be incredibly considered when making editorial decisions. We are also making a dating entertainment series, but humour is normally at the heart of most storylines.

“I think we are considered and it always becomes tricky with the passing of information but we aim to find balance in the show.”

What happened during last year's movie night with Faye Winter?

Movie night caused huge distress in the villa last year, with Faye Winter and Teddy Soares’ explosive row where she called him pretty much every swear word under the sun. Has this put producers off movie night altogether this year?

As much as we are desperate for the girls to see the shenanigans that went on while the boys were away, the chaos last year’s movie night ensued with Faye and Teddy racked up an astonishing 25,000 Ofcom complaints, something they are probably hoping to avoid this year.

What does this mean for this year's series?

Even Indiyah Polack’s social media team have suggested that movie night is needed after fans have criticised her for getting back on track with Dami so soon after Casa Amor.

They responded by saying, “to everyone campaigning against Indiyah for *potentially* wanting to get back with Dami, remember movie night hasn’t happened so she doesn’t know the full extent of things and I’m sure if she did she would be able to make a more informed decision.”

Will the boys be back in the doghouse when the girls see what they were up to?

But with the producers emphasis this year on the islander’s wellbeing, it seems they may be avoiding it for the sake of keeping the peace. Some viewers are questioning on Twitter whether it’s going ahead, questioning 'will it even happen?' and that it has been cut due to Ofcom reports about mental health.

When is Love Island's movie night due to air?

Last year, movie night took place during week five, just a few days after everyone returned to the main villa. More specifically, it took place during episode 39. This season, episode 39 would work out to be on Friday this week (!!!). Some viewers have predicted that movie night will be on Sunday and leave us with another cliff-hanger on Friday’s episode.

Will Adam Collard be hosting movie night?

With Love Island veteran Adam Collard returning to the villa to spice things up, is it a coincidence that movie night is due within the next few days? Some fans have suggested that he might even be hosting it – “Adam to host the movie night, these boys deserve to be tormented” and “Guys imagine they get Adam to host movie night”.

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