Love Island’s Hideaway has NEW rules and it sounds ‘NAUGHTY’

The Hideaway is getting a spicy makeover and it's about time

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Real tea, it's astonishingly hard to keep a show like Love Island fresh when no one in charge actually changes any of the following year after year i.e. the format, the location, the casting requirements (the Love Island 'look', if you will), the age bracket, and the fact that it's a heteronormative dating format etc. Sigh.

Of course, we love the show, but change can be sexy and stunning, huns.

As such, we're singing Love Island 2024's praises this week for shaking up at least one part of the show – the Hideaway.

If you've not seen the show before (you're definitely on the wrong website), the Hideaway is a hidden boudoir in the Love Island villa; one that the Love Island powers that be historically open to one couple for a secret saucy night every week or so.

Historically, here's how that's gone...

  1. The Islanders choose a couple to spend a night in the Hideaway

  2. They then split off into girls and boys to get chosen boy and girl ready for their saucy night together

  3. The girl slips into sexy lingerie/PJs, while the boy gets into either his ugliest boxers or cosplays as Hugh Hefner

  4. They enter the Hideaway and play with the vanilla sex toys on offer (you know, the ones Ron Hall called X-rated)

  5. The girl is provided with an array of new lingerie and a mini fashion show commences (we might be wrong, but we can't ever recall the roles being reversed here 🙄)

  6. They go to bed early because there's literally nothing else to do

love island hideaway 2023

Yeah, it's been done. But according to creator, Mike Spencer, producers are throwing away the rulebook for Love Island 2024, at least the chapter on the Hideaway.

heat was recently given a VIP tour of the new villa (the word is glow up), including the new Moulin Rouge-esque Hideaway, and Mike revealed that the hidden room will no longer be restricted to those in an official couple, which means things could be getting pretty and saucy and steamy this series. And we mean that literally, as apparently, Hideaway 'couples' will get access to the jacuzzi, too.

The jacuzzi in the Love Island 2024 villa
The jacuzzi in the Love Island 2024 villa ©©ITV

Mike revealed, “At the moment, and this is very work in progress, you shouldn’t be in a couple to go in the Hideaway. Because sometimes, by default or by recouplings, you might end up in a friendship so the idea is that there is no invite needed, as long as you are not in a couple.”

Speaking of the format change, he added, “I think it’s just one of many things that we’re introducing. We want usage to be more organic and natural. If it works, it works. It might not work. It’s been a staple for so long that it’s good to change it up a bit.”

The Hideaway ©©ITV

Mike also confirmed that the usual lingerie parade is going to be shelved this series. Good, 'cause ick.

Ooh, and here's the best part – the Hideaway will apparently be open at all times, which means no more crawling across the terrace for the likes of Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu in the middle of the night. Those naughty Islanders can just pop off for a quickie in the Hideaway.

Inside the Hideaway
Inside the Hideaway ©©ITV

Obsessed that the Hideaway has had a red and gold makeover, too. It really is giving the inside of Satine's elephant boudoir in Moulin Rouge. OMFG, Mike, please install one of these for next year's Love Island.

That would make my gay life. Actually, a gay Love Island would make my gay life.

During our chinwag and tour with Mike, the creator also revealed another major change for Love Island 2024 and it makes total sense.

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