Iconic Love Island bombshell teases return to the villa

They wouldn't be the first Islander to return to the villa

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Over the years we've seen a few Love Island stars return to the villa and it looks like a bombshell from the 2018 series could be heading back.

Now you might not remember Idris Virgo's time on the show in 2018, because he was sadly dumped from the villa after only four days, however you'll most likely know him from his comments on Instagram.

If you follow the Love Island Instagram account you would have definitely spotted Idris commenting and it seems that all those messages may have finally paid off as he could be on the new series.

Idris recently commented on one of Love Island's Instagram posts, which asked the question, "Tell us, who do you think is the OG dating show and why is it Love Island?"

The Love Island account then wrote in the comments, "@idrisvirgo where are you when we need you?!"

To which Idris responded, "I was trying to sneak back into the villa."

Love Island Instagram
is idris heading back into the villa? ©Instagram/ @loveisland

He then added, "Aftersun here I come", suggesting he may make an appearance on Love Island's spin-off ITV2 show.

Whilst it seems Idris was joking about sneaking into the villa, we reckon he could definitely make an appearance on Aftersun and we would 100% be here for it.

Idris wouldn't be the first Islander to return to the show as Sam Gowland and Malin Andersson both returned to the villa after being dumped from the Island in their respective series.

This would be the first time a former Islander returned to a different series though. In light of this recent news, here's everything else you need to know about Idris.

Who is Idris Virgo? What was his pre-Love Island job?

Idris is a professional boxer from Birmingham.

Describing himself before going into the villa, he said, "I’m easy going, someone who is easy to get along with, and I tell people how it is.

"Looks-wise, I’m always complimented on my smile, eyes and body."

How old is Idris Virgo?

The reality star and boxer is 28 years old.

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What has Idris Virgo been up to since he left the villa?

After leaving Love Island, Idris continued to pursue boxing and he's doing well for himself.

Last year he spoke to the Mirror about being on a winning streak and said, "It feels fantastic, I want to keep my winning streak I've got a mindset guy now, to improve my mindset."

He went on to open up about his career, "I had an incident when I was a kid, I was hit in the head with a wooden stick - that's when I thought I need to learn a bit of self defence.

"I think boxing was my destiny, in the back of my mind as well I've always liked entertainment. I like performing in front of a crowd."

Outside of his success in the ring, Idris has a large social media following with 192K followers on Instagram.

Who are the other contestants on Love Island 2022?

No contestants have been confirmed for this year's series, however there have been numerous rumoured contestants including Roman Keating's daughter Missy and Pete Wicks' pal.

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Love Island 2022 rumoured

Jordan Spence1 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 spenny247

Jordan Spence

27-year-old Jordan is an aspiring basketball player who lives between the UK and America.Instagram: spenny247

Kat Harrison2 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 kat_harrison

Kat Harrison

22-year-old Kat is a student at Northumbria University, Newcastle and also the ex-girlfriend of Geordie Shore star Marty McKenna. Instagram: kat_harrison

Sophie Draper3 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 sophie__draper

Sophie Draper

22-year-old Sophie is a salon owner. She has been previously linked with Aston Villa and Poland footballer Matty Cash. Instagram: sophie__draper

Brad McDermott4 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 bradmcdermott_

Brad McDermott

Yes you've guessed it! Brad is the brother of 2018 Love Island contestant Zara McDermott!Instagram: bradmcdermott_

Joshua Legrove5 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 josh_legrove

Joshua Legrove

Fashion model Joshua has been dubbed as the new Tommy Fury due to his passion for sport and boxing. Instagram: josh_legrove

Joel Kell6 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 joekell_

Joel Kell

Although fashion model Joe has just appeared on BBC Three show Love In The Flesh, he's also rumoured for this year's Love Island. Instagram: joekell_

Isabelle Colclough7 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 isabelle.colclough

Isabelle Colclough

Not much is known about Isabelle, but rumours are rife that bosses are keen to sign her up for the villa.

Josh Mather8 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 joshmather_

Josh Mather

Fitness coach Josh has been heavily rumoured on TikTok to appear on this year's show! He already has nearly 40K followers on Instagram. Instagram: joshmather_

Zoe Diana Parker9 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 zoedianaparker

Zoe Diana Parker

Zoe is an Indonesian English model who works for companies such as Wilhelmina Models, Louisa Models and J'adore Models.Instagram: zoedianaparker

Toby Bougouneau10 of 10
CREDIT: u00a9 7toby

Toby Bougouneau

Fashion model Toby Bougouneau is based in Manchester and has previously appeared on Ready To Mingle.Instagram: 7toby

When does Love Island 2022 start?

Love Island is rumoured to return for its eighth series on 6 June and we cannot wait.

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