Olivia Attwood slams Love Island 2017 co-star and it’s SAVAGE

The Love Island 2017 icon has branded one of her co-stars 'an ungrateful little b*stard'

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by Ruby Norris and Ben Pulsford |
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We're not all going to get along in this world; that's a fact of life and Love Island 2017 star Olivia Attwood has just proved it.

And it's one of the main reasons we watch and LOVE reality telly so much, lets face it. You know that if you chuck a few dozen human beings into the same confined space and force them to live the same experience, interact and live side by side one other, some are going to do that successfully, others not so. Let's look at the cast of Love Island 2017 as an example.

Five or so years ago Love Island producers gathered 32 sexy af human beings in a luxury Majorca villa for several weeks of sun and fun, and while the likes of Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt met, fell in love, and started a life together, Olivia Attwood is apparently still pretty fuming with one of her co-stars (who she didn't gel with at all) years after clashing so significantly on the show – and no, it's not ex Chris Hughes.

Interestingly, not only is this co-star an individual we haven't thought about in years, but we certainly didn't think it was someone this Love Island legend was still cursing behind closed doors half a decade later.

And we mean that, she went IN on a recent Instagram Q&A. When asked whether she missed this particular co-star, Olivia responded by saying, "No. He was an ungrateful little bastard x."

The fan in question was asking Olivia whether she missed Cash Hughes, not Chris Hughes, but Cash Hughes, btw.

Cash Hughes was, of course, the name given to the plastic love child/baby doll given to Olivia and Chris – who made it to the final of the series and dated for seven months after – for the now classic parenting challenge.

Sorry. To be fair though, Cash did star on the show, STILL has multiple active Twitter accounts AND appeared on Loose Women with Chris – because Love Island 2017 was just iconic that way.

Cash Hughes Love Island
olivia, cash and chris together in the beach hut

Remember watching a fully grown man shed a tear as he gazed into his (plastic) newborn's eyes, while his mother scowls from a lack of attention five years ago? We sure do. The bond between Cash and Chris was downright beautiful, whereas Olivia and Cashed somewhat clashed since, well, birth...

Cash Hughes Love Island

The little guy would be about five now – no doubt he's a TikTok star/influencer earning significantly more than we do.

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