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Chris Hughes

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Why we as a nation wait with bated breath to find out if a UK Love Island will be going ahead this year (a South African version has just been announced, though) Islanders of yore have been keeping us entertained/outraged with their glamorous trips abroad and we're just as obsessed as ever.

We're not ashamed to admit we spend a large part of our day stalking them all on the 'gram, speculating about the status of their relationships and getting super excited about their upcoming projects. They're full-on celebs now and we're loving it.

One of our all-time favourite Islanders from ANY of the series' is Chris Hughes. His rapping skills were second to none, he wasn't afraid to show is emotions and he proved to the whole nation he'd be a bloody fantastic dad to baby Cash Hughes.

So, here's everything we know about the Love Island fitlord.

Who is Chris Hughes?

Chris Hughes was a contestant on Love Island 2017, originally from Gloucestershire. Prior to entering in the villa, he revealed what he thought set him apart from other guys, citing the fact he's a country boy. "It gives the girls a different option to what they're normally used to. I offer a very different background," he explained.

After coming third with his then-girlfriend Olivia Attwood on the show, Chris became a household name, mostly thanks to his bromance with 2017 winner Kem Cetinay. The pair have gone on to become something of a reality TV double act, even having their own show TV show, You vs Chris & Kem, which began airing in February 2019.

How old is Chris Hughes?

Chris' birthday is 22nd December 1992, which makes him currently 28 years old.

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What is Chris' job?

Before finding fame on Love Island, Chris was a golf clothing ambassador. Now, he's a model TV personality, having previously starred in Straight Out of Love Island with Kem Cetinay and Crackin' On about his relationship with Olivia Attwood.

Chris' other TV appearances include Celebrity Hunted and The Real Full Monty on Ice. He also regularly presents ITV's coverage of horse racing.

Is Chris Hughes single?

He is now. Chris dated Olivia Attwood until February 2018 when the pair split whilst filming their TV show, Crackin' On. Olivia is now enagaged to footballer Bradley Dack.

Chris went public with Little Mix's Jesy Nelson on Instagram in February 2019.

Sharing a picture of the pair kissing, Chris wrote, "The only inmate I’ve ever needed."

He told KISS FM at the time, "I'm the happiest I've ever been. It's official, she's my girlfriend. I'm so happy, she's the nicest girl I've ever met, this is no exaggeration, she's got a heart like she was your mother or something. She's so caring. We just get on like best mates, and that's the beauty about it."


T'wasn't to last, though, as Jesy reportedly dumped Chris over the phone, with a source saying, "She split up with him last week in a phone call, as she thought the relationship had run its course. There are no hard feelings. Jesy said he was surprisingly fine about it and thinks she will stay friends with him."

Chris Hughes Jesy Nelson
Jesy and Chris at the end of their relationship ©Getty

Have Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood split up?

YES. Chris and Olivia broke up in February 2018 after rumours that he'd cheated on her. The split was even documented in their fly-on-the-wall TV show that followed their relationship post-Love Island.

Rumours began circulating that the pair had split after pictures surfaced hinting that Olivia had cheated on Chris.

Chris then took to Instagram to stand up for his gal, while Olivia hailed Chris a 'hero' for putting up with her.

Are Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson still together?

Sadly not. Rumours Chris and Jesy had split first surfaced in January 2021.

He later confirmed their break-up during an appearance on Vicky Pattison's The Secret To podcast as he revealed, "It was tough. Time’s a healer, you don’t believe it when you’re in the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt heartbroken or anything. And then a couple of weeks down the line, you start thinking about it less and less. And the next thing, you’re good as gold."

Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson

Who has Chris Hughes dated?

Before finding love on Love Island, the last relationship that Chris was in lasted three and a half years. He says, "I just fell out of love in the last six months and it eventually ended."

After splitting from Jesy Nelson last year, Chris was linked to underwear model Mary Bedford when they were spotted on a date in London.

“Chris and Mary went out for a slap-up dinner and looked really close,” a source told The Sun.

“They were kissing and cuddling and were all over each other when they headed out at the end of the evening.

“They headed off in a cab to the train station together and looked really sweet together. He even tied her shoelaces for her.”

What did Chris Hughes look like when he was younger?

Chris wasn't always the MEGA fitlord he is now. He looked totally, and utterly different at school and the internet went a bit crazy over it.

Chris Hughes' naked. WHAT?

Everyone got very hot and bothered when naked pictures of Chris Hughes' were leaked.

And the girls in the villa were very impressed when they caught a quick glimpse of his 'baseball bat' peen!

Chris Hughes Love Island naked penis

Who is Chris Hughes' brother?

Chris' older brother Ben was the subject of his BBC documentary Me, My Brother and Our Balls.

Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer after finding a lump when he checked himself following Chris' live testicular examination on This Morning in November 2018.

Ben was declared cancer-free in May 2019.

WATCH 'I'm a Little Mixer' 💞 Chris and Kem play 'Who's Most Likely To?'

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay

Despite making it to the final coupled up with Liv, and Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies taking the £50K prize money, for us the stand out winners of Love Island 2017 were by far Chris and Kem.

Their bromance was too cute, their raps were something else... (Stormzy even got involved) and they even landed their own TV show.

More recently, they appeared on Celebrity Hunted together in October 2018, and have their own aforementioned show on Channel 4.

Love Island's Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay

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What is the most romantic thing he has ever done?

Chris says that he likes treating people and making them feel special. "I write letters and leave them hidden for girls to find". Chris says that in his last relationship, he was forever going to theatre shows and long weekends away. "I love giving and making people feel good about themselves".

What happened with Chris Hughes and Katie Price?

After meeting Chris on Loose Women, Katie Price sent Chris some flirty Whatsapp messages, which he exposed on Twitter. Olivia has described the whole thing as 'laughable'.

The pair exchanged angry tweets for a couple of weeks, which ended in Chris calling Katie some very horrible names on Twitter. Katie confirmed that she had pages and pages of messages from Chris, gossiping about then-girlfriend Olivia behind her back, but vowed never to release them. We're still wondering what they say, tbh.

What is Chris Hughes' net worth?

After finding major success following his stint on Love Island, with a number of TV appearances, a book deal and collaborations with brands like Topman, Chris is reportedly worth a whopping £1.4million.

Does Chris Hughes have an Instagram?

Duh. You can follow Chris Hughes on Instagram here: @chrishughesofficial.

What's Chris Hughes' Twitter?

Chris' Twitter handle is: @chrishughes_22.

What is Chris Hughes' Snapchat username?

It's hchris22.

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