Olivia Attwood shows off ‘hooker’ hair and fans LOVE IT

Is this a TOWIE reunion we spy? OMGeeeeee

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by Hamaiz Iqbal and Joanna Freedman |

Love Island legend Olivia Attwood has showed off her new 'hooker' hair whilst on holiday in Ibiza with her former Love Island co-star and TOWIE bestie Georgia Harrison.

In the video, Olivia and Georgia are seeing acting out a pretty iconic scene from the US Shameless, about hooker hair, with Georgia turning to Liv to deliver the 'you look like a hooker' line.

The pair captioned the video, "Pinky and Perky take Ibiza (for 24hrs) ✨".

Fans were chuffed with the reunion, with one writing, "My two favourites from Love Island😍❤️."

Another added, " Best I’ve ever seen Olivia look. Incredible."

One more said, "S3 reunion 💕 love to see it."

Following her short but sweet TOWIE stint, Olivia bagged her own TV show Olivia Meets Her Match that followed to reality star as she prepared to get married.

After postponing her wedding, we've had a look at everything you need to know about her big day...

When is Olivia Attwood going to marry Bradley Dack?

Olivia has kept us all updated about the rollercoaster ride that has been organising her upcoming nuptials to her footballer fiancé Bradley Dack and has recently admitted that she has no idea when the wedding will happen but she hopes it will be in 2023.

The reality star, who fronts her own ITVBe show with Brad, has admitted that she would happily get married in Las Vegas, but Bradley wants more on a 'traditional vibe'.

During a recent Instagram Q&A where she was asked about the nupitals, she said, "Omg this question. Just because it's so much. We are booked for June 2023. I want to elope and get married in Vegas, Brad doesn't want to."

"He wants to have the traditional wedding. He thinks I will regret it in the future, which maybe I would."

She added, "I’m just not really a wedding girl. I never dreamt about getting married when I was younger.

"I dreamt of getting the engagement ring and running away! Joke lol! But anyway, yeah, I have my dress, we have the venue, we have the best wedding planner in the whole world."

She continued, "I just don’t want it to cause me stress because then I think what’s the point?

"I've just got really stressed out to buy everyone a really expensive dinner.

"What have I got out of it? So I'm just going to do it, emotionally disconnect from the stress of it."

"But I love Bradley and it has to be something we both want."

Hopefully everything is resolved now and they can continue planning what is expected to be the reality wedding of the year.

Olivia previously shared on her Instagram Story that she "regrets" jumping from "relationship to relationship" and wishes she had spent more time alone.

During a Q&A on social media, one of her fans asked whether she preferred being single or in a relationship, and it's safe to say that she was brutally honest.

Despite the Love Island star being engaged, she admitted, "I haven't been single since I was 15. Any remotely 'single' period I had, I would always have someone on the scene.

"I jumped from relationship to relationship my whole life, with this deep routed fear of being alone."

She went on to say, "And I regret it slightly - I wish I had forced myself to grow a bit.

"This is the first time in my life where I actually believe I could be happy on my own."

Unlucky that she's happily tied up with Brad then, eh?

Olivia Attwood on Instagram
olivia opened up on the 'gram ©Olivia Attwood on Instagram

However she went on to clarify that she's very smitten with her footballer boyfriend by adding, "(Not that I'm wishing for that 🤣🤣 very happy with my Bradders) but you know what I mean x".

Liv and Bradders own a gorg house in Cheshire together and are parents to a dog, Lola, who they rescued from Romania.

Who is Olivia Attwood?

Love Island 2017 standout contestant Olivia has reigned supreme and has become one of the show's most successful stars - she's bagged a spot on TOWIE and Celebs Go Dating, her own clothing collaboration with ISAWITFIRST and her own show, Olivia Meets Her Match.

Liv definitely ruffled some feathers during her time in the villa (remember THAT 'Sit down', 'I'm sat' row with Chris Hughes?), but her banter and quirky catch phrases eventually won us over.

But ANYWAY... we digress.

Olivia is a reality TV star from Surrey. She travelled the world as a model and motorsport grid girl before finding reality fame on Love Island. Before the show, she also competed in beauty pageants, including a Tropic Beauty contest, representing London.

Before enterting the villa, she described herself as having an immature sense of humour and said she can be quite naughty.

How old is Olivia Attwood?

Olivia was born on 2 May 1991, making her 31 years old.

How tall is Olivia Attwood?

She's 5"9, which is no surprise given that she used to model.

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Is Olivia Attwood married?

Not yet, no, but she will be very soon... maybe.

Olivia is currently engaged to Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley who she was in a relationship with before Love Island. having cancelled and postponed their wedding multiple times.

Despite planning to get married in 2021, Olivia recently revealed exclusively to heat as well as on Olivia Meets Her Match that her wedding to Bradley is "on pause" and she's "leaning more to pushing it back to 2022" following Covid worries.

The couple rekindled their romance following her split from Chris Hughes in 2018 and Bradley proposed on a holiday to Dubai in 2019.

Liv first began dating Brad before she rose to fame but decided to enter the ITV2 dating show as he "didn’t want to commit" at the time.

Olivia recently revealed that she was left shocked when he turned up at her front door the night before she was meant to leave for Love Island.

She explained, "I told him, ‘I said this is what's happening’ and he was just silent on the phone and I was like, ‘You didn't want to commit or whatever so this is what it is’.

"Anyway I flew back from Germany and I literally had a few days to pack, my best friend was coming to my house and was helping me pack and I was getting picked up by a chaperone from the show at 5am in the morning.

"He [Bradley] turned up at my flat at midnight the night before I left. He'd had like a penny drop moment," she added on PrettyLittleThing’s Behind Closed Doors podcast.

olivia attwood bradley dack
brad and olivia together ©Getty

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Who are Olivia Attwood's family?

Olivia is super close to her family, especially her mum Jenny who has appeared on Love Island (on the meet the parents episode) and more recently on her reality show Olivia Meets Her Match.

Her dad is less known, even though her mum and dad are very much happily married, his name is Kai and Olivia has repeatedly said he is German.

Olivia has two siblings, Max and Georgia.

Will there be another series of Olivia Meets Her Match?

There has already been two series of Olivia Meets Her Match, with the second only airing in 2021, but Olivia's fans are already begging for a series three - especially as they series could focus on her upcoming wedding to Bradley.

We'll have to wait and see...

Does Olivia Attwood have children?

No, she doesn't but she recently became a dog mum to Lola who she and Brad rescued from Romania.

The engaged couple even got a matching tattoo of their pup that they love.

Olivia has championed the subject of dog rescue ever since she gained a platform to speak about things she's passionate about and regularly encourages her followers to look into adoption.

What happened with Olivia and Chris Hughes?

Despite having a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa, the pair famously had a rocky relationship and even split when filming for their spin-off show Crackin' On. The show filmed the pair fresh from Love Island and cracks soon began to show as they moved in together and couldn't stop bickering.

Then came the rumours of Chris kissing a mystery woman during a night out in November 2017. There was a total saga between Chris and Katie Price after Katie apparently sent some flirty Whatsapp messages to Chris after he went on Loose Women, but Olivia has described the whole things as laughable.

Olivia then moved on to date her former boyfriend and footballer Bradley who Chris claimed she was dating while they were still together.

Safe to say, they're not pals anymore.

Who has Olivia Attwood dated?

Aside from Bradley and Chris, Olivia's dating life is relatively low key.

However, Olivia has had her fair share of heartbreak and uses it as a reason why she now doesn't put up with any toxic behaviour.

Before rising to fame, Olivia Attwood experienced a toxic relationship and experienced utter heartbreak when her ex-boyfriend "woke up and left her" after five years.

Speaking to Paul Brunson and Lady Nadia Essex on Celebs Go Dating, Olivia revealed, "Going right back to my teenage years, my first serious boyfriend at sort of 18 got me very serious very quickly.

"He was a couple of years older and I was thinking of getting engaged – that was me – done. And we were together for nearly five years.

"He woke up one day, got up for work, and didn’t come back. I had the rug pulled from beneath my feet really quickly."

Who is Olivia Attwood's best friend?

Since the show, a beautiful friendship has cemented between Liv and co-star Amber Davies, and they now seem thick as thieves.

Olivia also has a lot of friends in the reality circle including Charlotte Crosby, Clelia Theodorou, Fran Parman and Nicole Bass.

What is Olivia Attwood's net worth?

Olivia is still as relevant now she she was in 2017, so it's safe to say that her commitment to the drama has paid off as she has an estimated worth of £1.2million.

She has made money from clothing deals, brand sponsorships, appearing on TOWIE but has mostly become a big personality within the entertainment industry following Olivia Meets her Match.

The TV star reportedly earns up to £3,000 per Instagram post and has come to earn even more after making two major deals with I Saw It First.

Who did Olivia Attwood couple up with in the villa?

Liv started her Love Island journey with Blazin' babe Marcel Somerville, before snagging Camilla Thurlow's man Sam Gowland and striking up a romance with him.

They then coupled up at the next recoupling, but Liv quickly caught 'the ick', and ditched him for newbie Chris, when he started to put it on her.

But the course of true love didn't run entirely smoothly for the pair, as Mike Thalassitis rocked up in the villa and stole her at the next recoupling.

After a bit of sneaky snogging in the corridor while coupled up with Mike, Liv and Chris eventually recoupled, and remained together for the rest of the show. They even dropped the "I really LIKE you" bomb the other day, which is a pretty big step if you consider how much the pair loved to argue with each other.

Does she have an Instagram or Twitter?

You can follow Olivia on Instagram @oliviajade_attwood and on Twitter @oliviajade_att.

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