Love Island’s Afia brands Indiyah and Dami ‘weird’ following recoupling

The former bombshell CAME for the new lovebirds

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Aren’t Love Island bombshells meant to explode inside the villa, not outside? Maybe Love Island 2022’s Afia Tonkmor was on a timer or something nut as she decided to explode on heat’s latest episode of Under the Duvet, we’re totally chill with it.

Opening up on our YouTube show alongside Love Island Season 5 star Anna Vakili, Afia commented on new lovebirds Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack not being honest with Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna about their brewing romance, describing the move as “so cold”.

“I think that’s so cold that they never got to tell the other two.That’s so cold”, she told heat.

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indiyah and dami on love island ©itv

Shade is so much worse when it’s chilly shade, isn’t it? Brrr.

Afia then directed her shade at Indiyah, saying that the fact that Indiyah and Amber are “best mates”, makes the situation so much worse.

She said, “They’re so close in there. That’s the only thing that is a bit weird, everything else is fine.”

Afia then put herself in Indiyah’s shoes, saying that even if she was rushed out of the villa, she would have made the time to speak to Amber about Dami.

love island 2022 girls
The love island 2022 girls ©itv

"If you give me five seconds, I’m telling my girl," she said.

Anna popped up from under the proverbial duvet and added, “Sorry, but I feel like she [Indiyah] should’ve told her [Amber] straight away, but that’s just the way I move.

"It’s not like she’s doing anything wrong, what she’s doing wrong is not saying anything."

Dissolving the shade somewhat, Afia confirmed her feelings about Indiyah’s and Dami’s new relationship, saying, “I’m a fan of them together. I think they both want affection; they should get together.”

love island amber ikenna
love island amber and ikenna ©itv

She continued, “I think they’re so well suited, that’s the thing, I think them as a couple is cute, I just think it’s cold on the other two.”

When asked what Amma must be thinking, Afia surmised, “I don’t know, if it was me I’d be like, ‘You’re dead to me’.

“I don’t play like that. You should definitely tell the person.”

Then the shade made a sweeping return when they conversation swerved back to Indiyah and and Ikenna’s chemistry, which Afia described as “a bit stiff”.

We’re assuming in the bad way.

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