Love Island’s Sophie Piper and Connor Durman ‘SPLIT’ 💔

The pair were together for just six months

Love Island's Connor Durman and Sophie Piper

by Daisy Hall |
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And so, another Love Island couple bites the dust. Though, to be fair, we'd actually forgotten that Sophie Piper and Connor Durman were still dating.

Six months after leaving the villa, Sophie and Connor have reportedly called time on their relationship after things 'fizzled out' between them. Having being unable to see each other since the start of lockdown, the pair have apparently agreed they'd be better off as mates.

No hard feelings, eh?

Rumours the pair were on the rocks first circulated back in March; something Connor denied. He insisted that they had plans to move in together, but despite the move not going ahead due to lockdown in June Sophie stated that they were still planning to see each other; despite not being officially 'together'.

Confused? SAME.

She described their ‘relationship’ as a 'situation-ship,' explaining that she would get to know Connor after lockdown and go on dates with him.

But it seems it wasn’t meant to be, and the couple have 'split' despite never even having a first date.

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Speaking to The Sun, a source-type said: "Things just fizzled out. They never even went official.

"It just didn’t have a chance to get started because of lockdown and they both agreed it was better to just stay friends."

Fair play.

Connor’s latest Instagram post shows the former coffee bean salesman has been trying out a new look since his break-up; posting a photo with his new blonde hair accompanied by the caption “Can the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

Sophie, on the other hand, is absolutely slaying Instagram at the moment; regularly uploading sponsored posts and looking super stylish while doing it.

Sophie and Connor aren’t the only Love Island couple to struggle in lockdown, as COVID-19 has resulted in several break-ups including Ched Uzor and Jess Gale and Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott.

But, as Luke M is now dating Lucie Donlan, maybe it wasn’t lockdown that caused in his split from Demi after all 👀.

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