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There's been eight series of Love Island so far which means there been over 200 Islanders in total (we did the maths).

Over the years we've had some iconic stand out starts including Molly-Mae Hague, Dani Dyer and Ovie Soko.

There's also been a bunch of other Islanders who caused a lot of drama in the villa and we won't be forgetting them any time soon.

love island girls 2019
the love island girls in 2019 ©© ITV

Anna Vakili (and her screaming at Jordan Hames), Georgia "I'm LOYAL" Steel and Montana Brown being pretty iconic spring to mind – those Islanders who didn't win the show but we'll never forget their time in the villa.

BUT what about those Islanders that have completely slipped our minds? You know the ones, if you walked past them in the street you'll know you've seen them before but you're not sure where.

Usually they're the bombshells or the Islanders who are the first to be booted from the villa... So of course, we thought we'd have a look at all the Love Island stars you've most definitely forgotten about.

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Love Island stars you forgot about

Jon Clark1 of 15

Jon Clark

WE KNOW. Jon from TOWIE was first on Love Island back in 2015. Yup. The first series of the 'normal' Love Island because FYI there was a Celebrity Love Island back in the day.

Harley Brash2 of 15

Harley Brash

Harley stepped into the Love Island villa as a bombshell alongside India Reynolds. During her time on the show she dated Chris Taylor and things appeared to work outside the villa... until a few weeks later. They became the first Love Island 2019 couple to split.

Carl Woods3 of 15

Carl Woods

Okay another Islander who you know about but most probably forgot were on Love Island is Katie Price's fiancé Carl. He went on Love Island as a bombshell back in 2016 but only lasted one episode during a speed dating task.

Alex Miller4 of 15

Alex Miller

Another forgotten soul - Alex. He was a Casa Amor beau from the 2018 series and he coupled up with Megan Barton Hanson. Poor Wes Nelson was left DEVO when he returned alone and saw Megan with a new man... Shortly after Wes won Megan back, Alex was dumped from the villa and that's about it.

Tyla Carr5 of 15

Tyla Carr

Despite hysterically crying when Jonny Mitchell was dumped from the island, Tyla didn't leave - remember Theo Campbell being an absolute savage and telling her to leave if she'll miss him that much? LOL. Other than that we've practically forgotten about her existence.

Alex Beattie6 of 15

Alex Beattie

Another Islander from the 2017 series that we've forgotten about is Alex. Remember him? He was coupled up with Montana, he confessed his love for her shortly before the final but then they split a few weeks later.

Chloe Crowhurst7 of 15

Chloe Crowhurst

Chloe was pretty iconic during the 2017 series. She kept stirring the pot and telling everyone's secrets but it was hilarious to watch. Following her time on Love Island though, she's not really done that much. Bless her.

Craig Lawson8 of 15

Craig Lawson

Oh Craig. Bless him. He seemed to have a good heart and was totally into Camilla Thurlow - remember he compared them to Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh even though they'd split? Unfortunately Camilla lost interest in him, he was booted from the villa and we've only just remembered him.

Kendall Rae Knight9 of 15

Kendall Rae Knight

Kendall wasn't in the villa long. In fact, she was the first to be booted from the show during the 2018 series thanks to her failed romance with Adam Collard. She's basically Amber Davies' twin so we'll probably actually never truly forget her. She was also friends (she went on an influencer trip) with Molly-Mae Hague, so that counts for something, ey?

Ellie Jones10 of 15

Ellie Jones

Ellie - aka Jack Fincham's ex girlfriend – entering the villa was one of the most complained about Ofcom moments in 2018 (and the Roxanne Pallet CBB drama happened in the same year). Ellie entered the villa, Dani Dyer was in floods of tears and shortly after returning to the main villa, Ellie was booted from the show.

Callum Macleod11 of 15

Callum Macleod

Another Islander who was the first to be booted from the show was Callum. He was coupled up with Amber, she threw shade at him and his sunglasses and then he was dumped from the island.

Sherif12 of 15


Things looked promising for Sherif and Anna Vakili but things came to an end when he was booted from the show for breaking the rules in the villa.

Ollie Williams13 of 15

Ollie Williams

Just three days into Love Island 2020 and Ollie quit the show because he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. It appeared to be a rogue but honest decision so fair play to him - haven't seen or heard of him since though.

Connor Durman14 of 15

Connor Durman

Connor. Need we say more? Probably, because he's on this list, but Connor was coupled up with Sophie Piper and they had a fair few issues in the villa... After she was dumped from the villa they appeared to reunite but have since split.

Shannon Singh15 of 15

Shannon Singh

Poor Shannon made a Love Island record on the 2021 series, being dumped from the villa after just 48 HOURS! It's safe to say she's not the most memorable moment from series seven!

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In more Love Island related news,Wes Nelson has opened up about about life after his time in the villa and admitted that online comments surrounding his love life caused him to struggle with his mental health.

"I’ve made the discovery that being so open and honest with relationships online didn’t help with my mental health," he said.

"And it didn’t help with the relationships’ health."

He went on to tell the Daily Mail, "So, for me, I keep everything private. I like to keep it to myself."

Wes has publicly dated Megan Barton Hanson (who he was coupled up with on Love Island back in 2018) and Arabella Chi from the 2019 series.

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