Love Island’s Malin Andersson: her age, job, Instagram and what went down with Terry Walsh

She was an OG Islander on season two


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Love Island has been part of our reality-TV-loving-lives for nearly a decade and in that time we have been introduced to countless romantic hopefuls looking for love. Kind of.

We say 'kind of' because in recent years the OG dating show has turned into a bit of a holiday for could-be influencers looking to gain some fans rather than hunting down their potential soul mate. No shade to the always gorgeous twenty-somethings guys and girls who do just that, it gives us something to write about.

One person who had a stint in the villa just before the Molly Mae effect took place was Malin Andersson.

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Malin was on season two back in 2016, the series that made winners and icons out of Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde, and during her Love Island experience she was caught up in one of the most iconic moments in the show's history.

We know, we know, we have a tendency to exaggerate such matters, but if you recall Malin was booted out of the villa after three weeks but returned to confront Terry Walsh and it was GIVING.

Want to know what went down between the couple? We got you covered.

Malin Andersson
Malin ©(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Who is Malin Andersson?

Taking part in season two of Love Island, alongside the likes of Olivia Buckland and Scott Thomas, Malin is a make-up artist turned reality TV star.

How old is Malin Andersson?

Born 20 October 1992, Malin is 31 years old.

Malin ©GETTY (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Where is Malin Andersson from?

She is from Bedfordshire.

When was Malin Andersson on Love Island?

She was on season two of Love Island in 2016. Malin was an OG Islander and was on the dating show from day one. She coupled up with Rykard Jenkins before bombshell Terry Walsh entered and caught her eye.

Malin and Terry remained in a couple up until day 25 when Malin was dumped from the villa.

What does Malin Andersson do?

Before she took part in the dating show, Malin was a make-up artist. Since she left the villa Malin has gone on to release a book and speak openly about her mental health struggles. She also works as a motivational speaker and is often collaborating with charities.

What happened between Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh?

In one of the most unforgettable and gasp-worthy moments in Love Island history Malin returned to the show to confront Terry after he promised to stay loyal but hooked up with Emma Jane Woodhams in Malin's absence.

Terry thought he was enjoying a cute little mate date with Scott before Malin rocked up looking all glam and goddess-esque and demanded some honesty from the rascal as she accused him of "leading her on" and "playing a game with her."

It was true queen behaviour and confirmed that Malin truly was 'that b*tch.'

malin and terry
Malin coupled up with Terry in the villa ©itv

Is Malin Andersson single?

Malin split from boyfriend and baby daddy Jared in 2022 and appears to currently be single.

Does Malin Anderson has children?

Malin gave birth to two children; Consy and Zaya, but sadly Consy passed away in 2018 at just four weeks old. Malin is often working alongside women and motherhood organisations and is open about the pain and anguish of her loss.

Does Malin Andersson have Instagram?

Yep: @missmalinsara.

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