Love Island’s Michael Griffiths unveils jaw-dropping transformation amid new career

The Love Island 2018 star is looking RIPPED 🔥

Michael Griffiths poses during a portrait session during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2022

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If you've taken a look at Love Island 2019 star Michael Griffiths' Instagram recently then you'll know that he's looking VERY different these days.

The former firefighter has been on a major body transformation over the past few years and has even gone as far to embark on a professional bodybuilding career.

Now, we don't know the first thing about bodybuilding here at heat (reality telly's more our thing, in case you hadn't noticed), but if Michael's latest pictures are anything to go by, then he deserves ALL of the awards as he's looking hella ripped.

Michael has also launched his own fitness platform, Hustle As One, helping others achieve their fitness goals and regularly shares tips and advice on social media.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Michael shared a closer look at his body transformation as he posted before and after pictures and opened up about how long it had taken him to achieve his current physique.

One of Michael's followers asked him, "How long did work out to get to the point where you are now?"

He replied, "8 years going on 9," and shared pictures of him at a lean 64kg, an in-between 83kg and a STACKED 94.7kg.

Michael Griffiths' Instagram story of his body transformation
©Instagram/Michael Griffiths

After starting bodybuilding "on a whim" in 2018, Michael's new career has gone from strength to strength and he won his last show at the British finals. He was also awarded an International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) Pro Card, which means he can only compete in professional competitions.

But dedicating all his time to bodybuilding has come at a cost as Michael admits he's "lost friends" because of the "selfish" profession.

He explained, "My good friends and my family understand that [I’m focusing on my training]. I’ve said this to a few people before, when you’re doing things like prepping for shows, you’ll start losing some friends who don’t actually understand and don’t see your vision.

"The friends that will constantly ask you to do things but don’t understand will then soon stop contacting you full stop, and you’ll be like ‘so, what was our friendship?’."

He told OK!, "I understand that I’m doing this and it’s quite selfish of me, but I’m working towards a goal. We’re still friends and we can still talk, but because I’m not going out for a drink doesn’t mean I can’t come and see you, or you can't see me.”

Michael Griffiths' Instagram story of him reuniting with Tommy Fury
©Instagram/Michael Griffiths

Although he's busy focusing on bodybuilding, Michael did find time to reunite with his Love Island co-star Tommy Fury earlier this month.

Michael, who also works as a presenter (where does he find the time?), interviewed boxer Tyson Fury - and who did he bump into at the fight? That's right, none other than Tyson's brother and Michael's villa pal, Tommy.

But Michael isn't the only Islander Tommy has been reuniting with, as the boxer met up with Joe Garratt during a trip to America back in May and the duo even shared a snap of them at the iconic Venice Beach gym scene.

Just imagine, a Love Island 2019 reunion. Oh, the chaos that would unfold.

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CHECK OUT Love Island stars who have recoupled outside the villa

Yewande Biala and George Rains1 of 18
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Yewande Biala and George Rains

Yewande Biala and George Rains were not even in the villa at the same time but outside they seem to be having a whale of a time. Fans were buzzing in August when the Casa Amor star appeared to have Yewande's makeup all over his face.

Laura Anderson and Max Morley2 of 18
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Laura Anderson and Max Morley

Months after Paul Knops dumped her, Laura Anderson moved on and started dating Love Island 2015 winner Max Morley. However the pair have been on-off since then and in July 2019 they called it quits.

Kieran Nicholls and Chloe Crowhurst3 of 18
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Kieran Nicholls and Chloe Crowhurst

Two months after Love Island 2018 ended it came to light that Casa Amor star Kieran Nicholls (who lasted on the show for three days) and 2017 contestant Chloe Crowhurst had recoupled outside the villa. It didn't last though because days later he pied her in a brutal public announcement. Ouch.

Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt4 of 18
CREDIT: ITV and Getty Images

Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt

They (not the public) branded themselves as 'Juicy' but when Joe Garrett was booted from the villaviewers were shocked that Lucie Donlan didn't follow him. Instead she coupled up with George in Casa Amor and then dumped him before being kicked out the villa alongside him.

Arabella Chi and Wes Nelson5 of 18
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Arabella Chi and Wes Nelson

Arabella Chi was mugged off by Danny Williams who appeared to be devastated when she left the villa but he quickly bounced back with Jourdan Riane. Luckily the model got over him with Love Island 2018 finalist Wes Nelson and she was recently slated for 'PhotoShopping' a photo alongside her new man.

Jon Clark and Chloe Crowhurst6 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jon Clark and Chloe Crowhurst

If you cast your mind back to Love Island 2015 you'll remember when Jon Clark famously proposed to Hannah Elizabeth. It didn't last (bless them) and he went on to star on TOWIE. Fast forward a couple of years and he dated Chloe Crowhurst but after the Love Island 2017 line-up was announced he publicly slammed her and revealed they were dating. After she left the villa they briefly reunited before calling it quits.

Kem Cetinay and Kendall Rae-Knight7 of 18
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Kem Cetinay and Kendall Rae-Knight

Days after being the first dumped Love Island 2018 star, Kendall Rae Knight was apparently spotted kissing 2017 winner Kem Cetinay. Although Kem insisted they're just friends.

Niall Aslam and Rosie Williams8 of 18
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Niall Aslam and Rosie Williams

Love Island fans were devastated when Niall Aslam left the villa after eight days but a few weeks later there was a lot of speculation that he was dating Rosie Williams.

Charlie Frederick and Lucie Donlan9 of 18
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Charlie Frederick and Lucie Donlan

Charlie Frederick didn't get the best of chances in the Love Island 2018 villa; he was partnered with the iconic Hayley Hughes but they were quickly dumped. When the 2019 series started Charlie slammed Lucie and said she's "most definitely not looking for love". Lucie didn't take it lightly and clapped back at him.

Charlie Frederick and Arabella Chi10 of 18
CREDIT: ITV and Getty Images

Charlie Frederick and Arabella Chi

Charlie also got with Arabella before she entered the villa. He actually claimed that the model was a 'liar' and hinted they were still dating even when she went into the villa. After being booted from Love Islandshe branded him an 'idiot' and said they had blocked each other before she went on the reality show.

Kaz Crossley and Theo Campbell11 of 18
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Kaz Crossley and Theo Campbell

We really thought Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel were going to last but alas they didn't. A few months after announcing their split Kaz announced on Instagram that she moved on with 2017 legend Theo Campbell. They have since broken up.

Jess Shears and Dom Lever12 of 18
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Jess Shears and Dom Lever

So Jess and Dom were happily coupled up in the villa but when the boys voted for her to leave they were both left devastated. Dom wasn't that upset though because he didn't follow her. Then there were reports that something went down with Mike Thalassitis but after Dom left Love Island he reunited with Jess, the pair got married

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Sam Gowland and Amber Davies

Love Island and Geordie Shore fans were stunned when Chloe Ferry claimed that her ex-boyfriend Sam cheated on her with Amber. Dramz. Sam and Amber have both denied the accusations but Chloe has insisted they're true.

Wes Nelson and Amber Davies14 of 18
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Wes Nelson and Amber Davies

In January 2019 following all that Dancing on Ice drama with Vanessa Bauer, Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson split. However a couple of months later there were reports that Wes had been 'sexting' 2017 winner Amber Davies. Then on Celebs Go Dating, Amber claimed he had been messaging another Love Island star before she appeared to brand Amber a "snakey b-tch" on Instagram. Following the whole Amber/Sam allegations, Megan wrote: "Imagine moving like that and lying to numerous heartbroken girls that you ain't sh-gged their ex!"Amber denied the rumours in an emotional tweet.

Eyal Booker and Kendall Rae Knight15 of 18

Eyal Booker and Kendall Rae Knight

Tbf, these two did share a little kiss on the main show, but then things got hella steamy and a little weird tbh in the reunion show when they snogged in a swimming pool. Nothing long term came of it.

Ellie Brown and Michael Griffiths16 of 18

Ellie Brown and Michael Griffiths

Michael and Ellie got together during MTV's Celebrity Ex On The Beach. They both said they were single as the show ended but then posted cute pictures together on social media. However, that came grinding to a halt when Michael started posting cute pictures with other women too.

Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris17 of 18
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris

Beauty queen Rebecca chose to couple up with Jordan Waobikeze instead of Biggs in the Love Island villa, following her failed romances with Connagh Howard, Wallace Wilson and Luke Trotman. She clearly regretted her decision though as she coupled up with Biggs just weeks after being dumped and returning to the UK. Despite cheating rumours on both sides, they're still going strong.

Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan18 of 18

Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan

Romance blossomed for the couple in summer 2020 and they 'confirmed' their relationship status when they shared the same photo (of a hot tub) to Instagram. As is the modern way.

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