Love Island’s Mimii Ngulube reveals what the Islanders will HATE about her – but we love her for it

The Love Island 2024 contestant is already giving icon if you ask us

Mimi Ngulube and the Love Island 2024 cast

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Love Island hasn’t even started yet but we’re already obsessed with all 12 Islanders heading into the villa for a summer of love.

Earlier this week, we got to speak to the OG contestants before Love Island 2024 begins and we have to admit that producers have picked a GOOD cast this year.

One Islander we’ve especially taken a shine to is 24-year-old mental health nurse Mimii Ngulube, who has admitted that she pulls no punches and could rub the Islanders up the wrong way with her brutal honesty.

Mimii Ngulube
Mimii is heading into the villa for a summer of love ©ITV Pictures

When asked if there’s anything about her that might annoy her new housemates in the villa, Mimii said, “I think probably my honesty. They'll probably love it and hate because I don't like to sugarcoat things because I just want to make things clear on both sides, so maybe that.”

Well, Mimii, even if the Islanders hate it, we’ll absolutely LOVE it. It’s giving Maura Higgins and Olivia Attwood, who are both Love Island icons.

The reality TV newbie, who hails from Portsmouth, also told us that she’s not afraid to mark her territory and she’s definitely not here for any love triangles.

She said, “Honestly, that would annoy me [if I was in a triangle]. If it’s me and another girl, I’d have like maybe a couple conversations with him to see like, what’s he trying to do here? Do you know what I mean?

“I'm not about to sit in a triangle for too long. Like, at that point, it's just go to her because I don't have time – and don't come back either.”

Mimii is a self-proclaimed “girls’ girl” and she’s not afraid to call out the boys for their bad behaviour, which we have no doubt will probably be needed at some point.

Mimii Ngulube
Mimii revealed she'll always have the girls' backs ©ITV Pictures

“I have a history of back home of like talking to the guy, grilling the guy and asking like, ‘What's going on here?’,” she confessed.

“I’m gonna tell her like, ‘Babe, stand up. You’re better than this,’” Mimi said, when asked what she’d do if one of her friends being treated right.

Mark our words, Mimii is one to watch.

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