EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Patsy Field lifts the lid on Islander not showing their ‘real’ personality

Love Island's Patsy and Munveer have spoken out about their co-stars

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Another year, another bunch of Love Island stars going under the radar.

We can all see that producers have ramped up the drama on Love Island 2024. From Sam Taylor getting dumped after 48 hours to barely seeing Munveer Jabbal on our screens, Sean Stone popping up every now and sorry, but where the hell has Ayo Odukoya been? We haven't seen him since Uma Jammeh returned from her sleepover with Wil Anderson.

And it turns out there's another Islander who isn't getting enough screen time to show their full personality - our babe Mimii Ngulube.

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patsy and munveer have opened up about mimii ©ITV

Recently dumped Islanders Munveer and Patsy Field opened up about their pal and she sounds like one of the sweetest Islander ever. After we asked if she's as shy as she seems to come across, Patsy revealed all.

"Yeah, she is shy. I kind of noticed on day one that she was shy but when you just get her one on one, she comes out of her shell and she's really, really funny.

"I'm glad people are seeing that [she's shy] because there's such big characters, they weren't seeing her real personality because everyone was so loud.

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mimii with nicole, jess and samantha ©ITV

"So yeah, from from day one I was just making sure that I was egging her on and stuff to get involved but she's so lovely," she told heat in an exclusive chat.

Munveer added, "It's just her personality. She's so cool. Isn't she a mental health nurse?

"She speaks really softly. Classy girl. Like you said [Patsy] there's big personalities in there so it's really hard to get your two pence in."

love island munveer and mimii
mimii and munveer were coupled up at the very beginning ©ITV

We can definitely see that. After all, for the first time ever Love Island bosses sent 12 Islanders in on day one and that's excluding bombshell Joey Essex.

Patsy went on to say, "It's easy to get swallowed up in there and I think when people spend one on one time with Mimii they see her real personality come out.

"I'm glad that everyone at home are seeing her one on one scenes of people like Ayo and they can see that she is really funny and just lovely."

Here's hoping we'll see more Mimii on our screens soon.

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