Love Island: Olivia Attwood opens up on ‘waxing a-holes’ in the villa and sorry, what?

She reckons her cast got 'ratty' and 'feral' and we're inclined to agree...

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If, like us, you’re experiencing a mourning period ever since Love Island All Stars came to an end, have no fear. Lucky for you, we’re here to provide all sorts of Love Island interviews, behind-the-scenes secrets, and general gossip to keep you going until the next series.

And when it’s not us, it’s the Islanders themselves. It’s not often that you get two Love Island legends having a chat, unless you tune into Olivia Attwood’s podcast, So Wrong It's Right.

This week, she was joined by Georgia Harrison fresh out of the All Stars villa, and the pair shared everything we wanted to know about hair removal in the villa- and even some things we didn’t want to know.

Georgia Harrison
Georgia H. made it all the way to the final of Love Island All Stars ©ITV

Fans of the show will remember that Olivia was on Love Island 2017 with Georgia, and she (like us) was curious to see whether or not the glam situation has improved in the last eight years.

Consider this your warning; she definitely did not hold back. Olivia, if you’d like an interviewing gig at heat, just let us know, babe.

Olivia revealed, “Like, cause, you know, in our series, I was in there for eight weeks and we were waxing each other's a-holes, like, with strip waxes.”

If you didn’t think that was bad enough, Georgia then elaborated. She said, “Babe, I used to pluck my pubes out and put them in a bag.”

We understand the desire to have a full bikini wax when you’re on telly in your swimwear, but this is a level of dedication we hope we never have to resort to.

The chat wasn’t all pubes and assholes, it turns out that the hair situation was equally dire. Olivia said, “It was feral, we didn't get hair [styling or cuts]. I did the final with roots like this and the hair extensions hanging out the back of my head like a rat's tail… It was like being in Covid lockdown.”

However, Georgia did specify that the glam team did improve by Love Island All Stars, so don’t let this chat deter you from sending in your application. Or, feel free to go au naturale, it’s your body and a considerably less painful option.

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