Made in Chelsea’s Jordan Alexander: his age, his job, and his relationship with Emily Blackwell

Don't expect to see him on Made in Chelsea anytime soon

Jordan Alexander

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Made in Chelsea is full to the brim of arguments, gossip, and, above all, cheating scandals. One of the biggest in recent years is that of Harvey Armstrong, who cheated on his long-time girlfriend and cast mate, Emily Blackwell. The only good thing to come out of this, aside from some incredible reality TV, was seeing Emily return to the show with a new man in tow. Enter Jordan Alexander stage left.

So, who is her new man? Here’s everything you need to know about Jordan.

Who is Jordan Alexander?

Jordan Alexander is an MD from London who has been dating MIC’s Emily Blackwell for over a year.

What does Jordan Alexander do?

Jordan is a managing director at a AEJ Consulting Ltd. Which, after a quick Google, we learned is recruitment consultancy. He is also a brand ambassador for The Juice Smith, an organic cold-pressed juice brand.

How old is Jordan Alexander?

Jordan is 32 years old.

How long has Jordan Alexander been dating Emily Blackwell?

While Jordan and Emily have apparently mixed in the same circles for a long time, they only became a couple in August 2022.

Things are clearly going well as the couple moved into a stunning split-level flat together early 2023. Their Instagram accounts are also littered with pics of the pair looking adoringly at each other, so it doesn’t take a genius to see that they’re pretty happy.

Was Jordan Alexander on Made in Chelsea?

Jordan did briefly appear on Made in Chelsea, but obviously since he and Emily are happily loved up, there’s not a lot of storylines there for them. Not only did he get the seal of approval from her pals, but also the viewers, who were thrilled to see Emily so happy after a rocky season to say the least.

Does Jordan Alexander have any children?

Don’t be fooled by his Instagram, Jordan has no children, but he does have an adorable baby niece. Emily has made it no secret on the show that she’d love a family one day, so only time will tell if Jordan will be a dad.

Does Jordan Alexander have Instagram?

He does, and you can follow him to see more loved up snaps of him and Emily at @jordan_alexander24.

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