Made in Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey: his age, his relationship with Louise Thompson, and his ‘sister-in-law’

Is this MIC cast member officially his 'sister-in-law'?

Ryan Libbey

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If you're a fan of Made in Chelsea, you'll have heard of Ryan Libbey. For those who need a little reminder, he's the 6'2 hunk who swept Louise Thompson off her feet back in 2016.

Here's everything you need to know about his life post-Made in Chelsea.

Who is Ryan Libbey?

Ryan Libbey is a personal trainer, business owner, and former reality star. He is the founder of Turtle Method, which according to its Instagram page, is all about “nutrition and training plans with mindset, mental health & community support.”

How old is Ryan Libbey?

Ryan is 33 years old. He was born 4 August 1990, making him a Leo.

How tall is Ryan Libbey?

Ryan measures to a whopping 6 foot 2 inches.

Is Ryan Libbey in a relationship?

Where have you been? Ryan has been in a relationship with MIC star Louise Thompson since 2016. They got engaged in 2018, and welcomed their son Leo in November 2021. After a difficult birth which put Louise in the ICU, the pair put their wedding plans on hold.

While they haven’t tied the knot yet, Louise admitted that they’re in no rush to walk down the aisle. She told the Daily Mail, “We are still sort of figuring out what it is we want to do because we're so busy with the business… I am someone that really wants to have the best day ever and I want to be in the right space, I am just not sure exactly what I want yet.”

Was Ryan Libbey on Made in Chelsea?

Ryan first joined MIC in 2016 for Made in Chelsea: South of France. He and Louise began dating right away, and the couple departed the show together in 2019.

Does Ryan Libbey have any tattoos?

He does, and MIC fans will remember him revealing his tat dedicated to partner Louise. However, he also has his son’s name, and this adorable Insta video shows little Leo noticing it for the first time.

Who is Ryan Libbey’s sister-in-law?

Although none of them are technically married yet, Ryan’s latest Instagram post did leave some fans scratching their heads as Ryan referred to Love Island star Zara McDermott as his “sister-in-law” in a touching birthday post.

Zara has been dating Louise’s brother, Sam Thompson, for four years now and despite Ryan’s wording, she and Sam have not tied the knot yet. However, since both couples have been together for years now, this does makes her Sam’s sort-of sister-in-law. What a gorgeous family of reality stars. If they filmed their Christmas dinner this year it could make a great Made in Chelsea Christmas special.

Does Ryan Libbey have Instagram?

He does, and you can follow him at @ryan.libbey.

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