Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott: the truth behind their public rows

Our favourite couple are having a tough time

sam thompson and zara mcdermott

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Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott have fast become one of our favourite celebrity couples. But after pictures emerged of them rowing in public, amid reports that they’re having crisis talks, fans have been left worried for the future of their five-year romance.

Last month, the couple were snapped seemingly having a heated discussion following Sam’s appearance at Soccer Aid, and just last week, he was seen being consoled by his best mate Pete Wicks outside an awards ceremony.

Now, heat can reveal that, while there is trouble in paradise, the couple are desperately trying to work things out. We’re told, “Tensions are running pretty high between Sam and Zara at the moment. They’re both busy and their schedules are taking them in different directions, which has caused resentment on both sides. But they really do love each other, and want to make it work.”

zara mcdermott and sam thompson
'past issues have cropped up' ©Getty Images: Samir Hussein/WireImage

The couple started dating in 2019, with Love Island star Zara quickly moving into Sam’s house and joining him on the cast of Made In Chelsea. However, the following year, news broke that Zara had cheated on Sam during her time on The X Factor: Celebrity at the end of 2019, with Zara calling it “a huge mistake”.

The couple briefly broke up, before getting back together at the end of 2020. They went on to build a strong brand as a couple, sharing intimate details of their lives on social media – from funny videos to heartfelt declarations of love and insights into their home life – and as a result, their careers both skyrocketed.

But, having successfully harnessed their star power as a couple over the years, we’re told their respective work opportunities have started to drive a wedge between them. Last year, Zara, 27, was the first former Love Islander to take part in Strictly while Sam, 31, won I’m A Celebrity. Sam also has his own show on Greatest Hits Radio, while Zara makes documentaries for BBC Three, as well as having brand partnerships.

Our source says, “Both of them are doing so well. At the start, it was Sam who was better known in the relationship, but now Zara is becoming a star in her own right.”

And, as their profiles continue to grow, they are apparently finding it increasingly difficult to make time for each other and issues from the past are starting to pop up. One of these is the fact the house they live in – which is next door to Sam’s sister Louise Thompson and her family – is in his name only. “Zara has put a lot of her time, effort and money into their place, too,” we’re told. “There are issues from the past that have cropped up again and are causing arguments.”

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After Sam was spotted looking tearful outside the TRIC awards in London with best pal Pete, he admitted on their Staying Relevant podcast that he’d “received some bad news”, and was having a “tough old time”. But, perhaps in an attempt to deflect rumours, Zara posted a snap of them enjoying a trip to an ice cream van together a few days later.

For now, it looks like Sam and Zara are doing their best to work through any issues. Our insider says, “It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they took some time apart, even though it’d be a huge upheaval for Zara. But, hopefully, they can work it out.”

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